In This Version of “Rosemary’s Baby,” the Demon Seed is Hosted by an Interracial Couple.

One of my favorite 1960's movies of all time is Rosemary's Baby, a tale of financially struggling New York newlyweds whose luck inexplicably changes when they move into an apartment populated by who initially seem to be good-natured, sweet-but-nosy geriatrics. Guy, Rosemary's husband, is a … Read More...


My Sex Life is None of Your Business!!! Or is it?

What women do with their privates is no one else’s business and it doesn’t harm anyone as long as the sex is consensual and safe right? I disagree. I think some people are oblivious to the fact that there are sexual norms (it’s intro social psychology and sociology). Sometimes these people even propose that “anything sexual is normal as long as it’s consensual”. They don’t realize that they are establishing the new sexual norm of ‘anything goes and everything is okay’ and that there is something ‘abnormal’ about you if you think otherwise.


White Gun Advocates Ask Blacks “What Would Django Do?” Yes. This is Real.

Frankly, I am tired of talking about Quentin Tarantino’s film, Django Unchained. But, here I am, talking about it again. Why you ask? Well, because the brilliant minds behind the events of the January 19th “Gun Appreciation Day” are working on innovative ways to reach out to communities of color. And, Larry Ward, current president of conservative leaning media company Political Media, has been working feverishly to aid this cause. So, what brilliant motto did he come with? “What would Django do?” For the record, yes. This is real.


Could Contraception Sabotage be Contributing to the 80% Out-Of-Wedlock Rate in the Black Community? New Study Suggests it May.

Make no mistake…this is a stealth form of abuse.


Friday Funny: Recurring Dreams of Endless Rooms, Not Finishing College, and Chases with Sesame Street Monsters.

Things I have recurring dreams about: 1) That Loyola Marymount University has called and told me they granted my diploma by mistake–I needed to take one more math class and they forgot to tell me. ( I HATE math); 2) I have just moved into a house so big we keep discovering new rooms; 3) That I’m being chased, in a blue nightgown, down the stairs of Kaiser Hospital by the Sesame Street monsters.

IR Couple_2

Are You Afraid of “Coming Out of the Closet” About Your Preference to Swirl?

How many of you are *hiding* your interracial dating preference?

women in military

Does Lifting a Ban on Women in Combat Help with Gender Equality in the Military?

The Pentagon wants to allow women on the front-lines of combat. But, do the ends justify the means?

Candice & Alvaro 2

Swirling and Marriage: Candice and Alvaro


MTV’s Show ‘Catfish’ and Notre Dame Football Star Manti Te’o

Have you ever been “catfished”?

spike lee

Do We Really Owe Spike Lee an Apology?

An apology is a bit much. Let’s hope Spike Lee isn’t holding his breath waiting for one…


Heard of Dorothy Counts? Talk about Epic School Bullying!

Dorothy Counts was one of 4 black students selected to integrate all white schools in Charlotte, North Carolina.

TMZ logo

Freedom of the Press? TMZ Posts Disgusting Video of Teen Being Shot and Killed in Hollywood

So, did they go too far? When is “total access” too much access?