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Tell Um Why You Mad, Hun….

You know what I don't believe in.......? Being quiet when I'm pissed off or done wrong. There. I said it... I could give a flying pickle how anyone feels when I feel as if an abomination has occurred against my personhood. That 'Angry Black Woman' shit is and is not a cool moniker because I get that … Read More...

Candice & Alvaro 2

Swirling and Marriage: Candice and Alvaro


MTV’s Show ‘Catfish’ and Notre Dame Football Star Manti Te’o

Have you ever been “catfished”?

spike lee

Do We Really Owe Spike Lee an Apology?

An apology is a bit much. Let’s hope Spike Lee isn’t holding his breath waiting for one…


Heard of Dorothy Counts? Talk about Epic School Bullying!

Dorothy Counts was one of 4 black students selected to integrate all white schools in Charlotte, North Carolina.

TMZ logo

Freedom of the Press? TMZ Posts Disgusting Video of Teen Being Shot and Killed in Hollywood

So, did they go too far? When is “total access” too much access?

neo ned movie 2

Neo Ned: Finding “Love” in a Hopeless Place

I’ll admit, I was curious as to what kind of sane black woman could fall in love with a racist.

misee harris 1

Could Dr. Misee Harris Be The First Black Bachelorette?

Well, once upon a time folks said we’d never have a black president, so…


“Jezebel” Gives Me a Concrete Example of Why I Hate Some Facets of Modern Feminism

I’ll admit that lately I’ve been on a bit of a rant about modern feminism as late, and this post is more of the same, so if you’re tired of hearing it I suggest you move on to the post about Michelle Obama’s bangs.

m obama

The Media’s New Obsession is Michelle Obama’s Bangs. You Feeling Them?

So what say you? Will you be one of those ladies demanding their hairdresser give them Oba-bangs?

obama and king

Is it Okay for ‘Black’ People to Compare President Obama to MLK? Some Say No…

Not everyone is thrilled about parallels being drawn between Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. Find out why.


Swirling and Marriage: Noella Coursaris Masters – A Beauty Driven With Inspiration!

Meet Noella Cousaris Masters. Her mother is Congolese-Zambian and her father was Cypriot (from Cypress). Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this woman is elegance, grace and class personified. Then she wraps it up nicely into down home spirit of good old fashion niceness and girl next door. I can’t say too many wonderful things about her.