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Two Off the Runway trends that are so right now

As we settle into the spring months and we transition from fluffy sweaters to shorts and sandals, there are various trends happening in the fashion world that deserve your attention. Spring and summer are typical of bright hues, lighter fabrics, and fun funky patterns. And this Spring Summer season … Read More...

m obama

The Media’s New Obsession is Michelle Obama’s Bangs. You Feeling Them?

So what say you? Will you be one of those ladies demanding their hairdresser give them Oba-bangs?

obama and king

Is it Okay for ‘Black’ People to Compare President Obama to MLK? Some Say No…

Not everyone is thrilled about parallels being drawn between Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. Find out why.


Swirling and Marriage: Noella Coursaris Masters – A Beauty Driven With Inspiration!

Meet Noella Cousaris Masters. Her mother is Congolese-Zambian and her father was Cypriot (from Cypress). Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this woman is elegance, grace and class personified. Then she wraps it up nicely into down home spirit of good old fashion niceness and girl next door. I can’t say too many wonderful things about her.

Obama 2nd Term

What Did You Think About President Obama’s Second and Final Inauguration?

Was the second time as good as the first?


Look of the Season: Au Naturale!

Take a break from the crayon-colored make up this winter!


Slideshow: 13 Swirl-Inspired Ads You Wouldn’t Have Seen 13 Years Ago

Advertisers aren’t in the business of social engineering, but do keep their hands firmly on the pulse of demographic shifts, and interracial relationships have not escaped their radar. Just like all of us, they’re seeing more and more black women moving across color lines to find love, and since the universal color of money is GREEN, the amount of ads with interracial depictions have risen so that the people involved in these unions can see themselves buying whatever product or service the company peddles. Here’s 15 ads you wouldn’t have seen 15 years ago. Enjoy!


Just in Time for V-Day: AfroRomance’s Extreme Profile Makeover Contest!

One-on-one time with hotty, Matthew Hussey. $1000 Nordstrom spending spree…get it, girl!

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Who Came Before Rosa Parks?

Elizabeth Jenkins found herself running late for church. Making to the corner of Pearl and Chatham Streets, Elizabeth hailed a horse-drawn streetcar. She didn’t notice if it said “Negroes Allowed In This Car” or not. She was the church organist and had to get to church. She and her companion Sarah Adams were ordered off the car. Miss Adams deboarded but Elizabeth Jennings refused and sparked a series of events that got her thrown off the car tearing and soiling her dress and bonnet. This was actually the second time she had been ordered off of a street car because she was black, so Elizabeth Jennings decided to fight back through the courts.


I’m Always Learning…Now Is the Time to Bombard Me With Criticism or Flatter Me With Praise

I’m a ‘spiritual’ person. And what I mean by that is this: I feel that when I’m in need of hearing or learning something, God–I’m a Christian, so I’m referring to the Christian God here–puts a person or a situation in my path to nudge me towards the direction I’m supposed to be traveling.

I recently had a little nudge.


What is Feminine?

Note: This post is meant for women who want to be more feminine in the old fashioned sense. It’s really not about being a male-identified woman or about arguing whether being feminine is right or wrong. Women are free to make the choice to be old fashioned feminine. This is somewhat of a tutorial of a specific type of femininity, not all forms of femininity. This is not meant to pressure you to be something else or dictate what you should wear or behave :)

Cynthia & Hatim 1

Swirling and Marriage: Cynthia and Hatim’s Moroccan Wedding

Get ready for some SERIOUS eye candy…