New Anti-Swirling Meme: “How Can You Oppose Racism And Be Attracted To White Men?”

I’ve been seeing the following bit of stupid making its way around the web at an increased clip. The people who are desperate to guilt-trip black women (and make no mistake, this is almost always brought out to shame black women EXCLUSIVELY…) out of exercising their dating and marriage options will often pull this argument[...] Read More…

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Five Reasons to Grow Berries this Summer

If you've never gotten a chance to taste a berry fresh off the vine still pulsing with life and full of flavor, I'd venture to say you've never really tasted one. Even when you can get them fresh from the farmer's market or flash frozen from the … Read More

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#YesAllWomen: Why Do People Feel So Entitled to Women’s Bodies?

By Pella Another day, another mass killing in America. At least that's what the headlines seem to say to me. It's almost what is expected on a day to day basis. Every day I see another person against gun violence. But the latest shooting by Elliot … Read More


White Hot: Minimalistic Beauty Trend SS 2014

As a former makeup artist extraordinaire, I always obsess over the new beauty trends each season, but to be honest, once I stop being an artist, I kinda stop wearing makeup.  Years of having to put on a coat of makeup before leaving the house to go … Read More


Could V. Stivano Be Another Yellow Rose Or Silly Rabbit?

Perhaps much to NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling's dismay, V. Stiviano is not going anywhere any time soon.  The woman at the center of the fire storm caused by a leaked audio recording of uber wealthy Donald Sterling is not all that complicated.   … Read More

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Dr. Phillygirl Pens a Book to Help Get You To “Doctor”

Beyond Black and White would like to throw some shine on one or our own, Phillgirl, who not only recently successfully challenged her PhD dissertation but has also published a book to help others do the same. Karlin Burks is a perpetual student … Read More

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Man Candy Monday: You Nasty Boy, You Nasty……

They say, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" but who wants to involve thoughts of the Pearly Gates at this leg of the race? Gym rats, athletes, and guys who aren't afraid to get down and dirty are right up my alley. Soap and water has it's place but … Read More

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What’s the Message Here? He’ll Marry His Baby’s Mom If She’s…

Okay so we all know that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian FINALLY tied the knot this weekend in Florence, Italy. I for one am glad the whole fiasco is over. But... I'm sorry I just can't help point this out. Kim had Kanye's baby before they were … Read More

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NYC Flagship Loving Day Event on June 14! Primo Opportunity to Meets Folks Open to Meet Folks Open to Interracial Dating!

If you East Coast people haven't get gone to the Loving Day flagship event in New York city, you absolutely do not know what you're missing. Organized by Ken Tenabe and sponsored by, the celebration to commemorate the … Read More

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Yummy Paleo Brownies for Weekend Barbecue!

When I decided to give paleo the old college try, I thought my beloved Kitchenaid mixer was doomed to go into early retirement. I'd made so many loaves of bread, not to mention all the delicious mashed potatoes I'd whipped. Boy, I had little faith in … Read More


In Defense of Funky Brown Chick’s “Tips for Picking Up Brown Skinned Women”

I see there's some outrage about a recent article Twanna Hines (aka Funky Brown Chick) wrote to advise non-black men on how to date black women. She gives solid common-sense advice (be yourself, don't be a douche and say you've always wanted to lick … Read More


Photo of the Day: It’s a Wonderful World.

I'm one of the room mom's for my son's second grade class, and this grade has a patriotic performance around Memorial Day time.   I took this shot of him, The Babster and two of his buddies. And when I looked at these beautiful children, and thought … Read More

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Message to the Men: Sometimes Nothing You Do Will Be Good Enough (Tough Lesson; Must Read)

Oy vey..... What comes part and parcel of being a friend of mankind is being privy to information that other women aren't. In addition to that, I'm often libel to offer an attentive ear when the ladies feel a need to personal dump on me. I actually … Read More


Pre-Workout ‘Beauty’ Smoothie Also Helps with Hair, Nail Growth

I've had a love/hate relationship with carbohydrates for the last couple of years, trying to figure out the "magic combination" that will give me the sustained energy I need without having unused carbs convert to fat--usually in my stomach. My first … Read More