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Tell Um Why You Mad, Hun….

You know what I don't believe in.......? Being quiet when I'm pissed off or done wrong. There. I said it... I could give a flying pickle how anyone feels when I feel as if an abomination has occurred against my personhood. That 'Angry Black Woman' shit is and is not a cool moniker because I get that … Read More...

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New Target App Gives Cartwheel-Worthy Deals: More Than Just Coupons for Processed Food

I’m really proud of myself that at the end of 2013, I had kept my New Year’s resolution. I think I had success because I didn’t give myself some long, unachievable list that only SUPER ME could do, as opposed to just old regular me. I gave up white sugar and most processed foods, and […]

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Know What ‘Empowerment’ Really Means? It Means I’m Not Your Mammy

I made a few resolutions for this year. For example, I would try to be less confrontational and not expend energy in pointless arguments. Another resolution was to severely reduce the amount of give-a-damn I have when it comes to black people determined to be trifling. Not just trifling: Wanting someone to rescue or feel […]

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Christine and Daryl – Swirling and Marriage Down Under

Another gem from Pinterest.  Attractive couple Christine and Daryl had a Fusion African-European wedding, but the couple lives in Perth, Australia.  I love the beautiful photographs courtesy of Evermore Photography.  To see all of the fabulous wedding pics of this gorgeous couple, check them out at the Truly Engaging website.         What a stunning bride! […]

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Yum-Delish!! Monkey Bread (Made from scratch)

Monkey Bread (Made from scratch) Whereas traditional Monkey Bread is made from canned biscuits, this healthier version builds a base from scratch using a combination of all-purpose and whole wheat flours. Waiting for the dough to rise two times will test one’s will and patience, but the end result is certain to make it all […]

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Does This Woman Offend You?

I’m making my rounds this morning to read all the news, rags and gossip and was struck by this woman.   Before I read the story, I took in the image. I thought the contrast in her lipstick against the white and black clothing and her brown skin was all and everything. Then I read […]

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YAAAEESS! Bruno Mars Is a Multi-racial Dose of Deliciousness!

Okay, the game was a complete blowout, and it seems as if the Seahawks were the only ones who showed up to play and actual game. The highlight, hands down, was the performance of Bruno Mars. He sounded amazing and looked amazing. The 50′s look and the pompadour was everything. Guess what race Bruno is […]

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Such a Shame; Such a Waste…Philip Seymour Hoffman, Dead at 46

Do you ever notice that the most brilliant amongst us are often slaves to their own internal torment? I was shocked to hear that Philip Seymour Hoffman died yesterday, apparently by a drug overdose. Not gonna lie, when I first heard, part of me thought about how Hoffman always looked pasty and winded, and thought […]

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Does Al Gore Believe African Women’s Fertility Rates Will Cause Global Warming?

You’d think so if you listened to conservative media sites. Take a look at this snippet from Human Events: Gore said such efforts to manage African women’s fertility were important in his desire to reduce the growth of human population. Gore complained there will be more Africans than either Chinese or Indians by mid-century and […]

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That Awkward Privilege: The Mixed Power Status of Black Men (reposted)

Ever wanted to demonstrate the paradox of Black Male [Mixed] Privilege by systematically illustrating how male privilege is fully analogous to White privilege? Perhaps this post will be helpful.

Black men are in the complex position of being quite privileged in one sphere of human activity — romantic relationships — while being quite disempowered in all other spheres of human activity. As ever with any human being, privilege is hardly acknowledged, while disempowerment is appropriately and loudly resented.

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How About THIS Version of the Cheerios Super Bowl Commercial?

Hey all, check out another version of the Cheerios Super Bowl commercial that’s taking America by storm, featuring The Hubster, and my two youngest kiddos. Yep. Swirling comes in a lot of different flavors. Go Sea Hawks!!


Beyonce (the Album) Review: Why this Church Girl Loves Bey and the Book of Knowles-Carter

Did y’all catch that Grammy performance?  Dayum.  I thought she had lost it as she had be gone for a minute, but we should never count King Bey out.  Yes, I call her King Bey not, Queen Bey.  I had left the BeyHive after no real music for 2 years and hearing “Bow Down” before […]