In This Version of “Rosemary’s Baby,” the Demon Seed is Hosted by an Interracial Couple.

One of my favorite 1960's movies of all time is Rosemary's Baby, a tale of financially struggling New York newlyweds whose luck inexplicably changes when they move into an apartment populated by who initially seem to be good-natured, sweet-but-nosy geriatrics. Guy, Rosemary's husband, is a … Read More...

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Swiffer Commercial Is Just the Beginning. Ad Guys Know EXACTLY What’s Up

This video holds the record for appearing in my inbox. I must have gotten 20. Woot! This is awesome, but pretty soon it’ll be as normal an image as…well…vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Advertisers aren’t doing this out of some social advocacy. This is where the world is going, folks. Now go mop your floors.

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Stuff I Like: Portrait-Ready, “Stay All Day” Foundation by Stila

As I age, my skin begins to act a little funny. The dry spots are dryer and the oily spots are still oily. So when you wear foundation with a T-Zone on overdrive, you want your skin to look “dewy” without being the poster child for Dawn dish detergent. Last week at IMATS I met […]


Monday-Punday #22

Monday-Punday #22   Well, it’s THAT time again, and SirLoin can serve up another set of groaners. Look at it this way … it keeps your vocal cords alive and active …   At 4pm, White Pawn Alice made it to the 8th rank. She was crowned as a White Queen, captured the Red Queen […]

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My True Confession: I Advocate Swirling Because I Was the Black Man’s Cast Off.

A very strange and angry black man called Sergeant Willie Pete is enraged by me. He’s enraged because he took a comment I said in a You Tube video in which I was very honest and said that I really didn’t embrace my beauty until it was validated from external sources–yes; I didn’t think I […]

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Is There Any Group That Blames the Victims Worse?!

So I’m reading about this miscreant who threw a bowling ball at a woman’s HEAD for not accepting his offer to buy her a drink, and the author over at Madame (makes) No-sense said, “This is the reason I answer to street harassment no matter how annoying or inappropriate it is.” Yes, that’s the answer. […]

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One Man Found Guilty of Not Disclosing HIV Status, Another Man Was Just Charged

Consider this post a friendly public service announcement about the importance of safe sex. It’s not just high schoolers who need this message. Craig Lamar Davis, 43, was just convicted of knowingly exposing one woman to HIV. He faces a second trial in a different county–Fulton County, GA–for intentionally exposing another woman to the HIV […]

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“Clutch/The Frisky” Nails It With Their Critique of ‘Whitenicious’

I’ve been annoyed with Clutch’s editorial lineup over the past year, what with all their, “EVERYBODY’S RACIST!!!” posts, because I remember a time when the content was much more rounded. The good news is, it looks like they’re going back to that somewhat. They still have the “EVERYBODY’S RACIST!!!” posts, just not as much. So […]


Maxi Me Gets Her Drive On!

Yes, that’s an official driver’s license she’s holding. …And I’m trying to wrap my head around the baby in the back in a car seat and the BIG baby I see before my eyes. Maxi has been seriously motivated to drive and get her license as soon as she turned 16. She did that last […]

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Toni: Desirable educated black women who don’t exercise their options are dying out. LITERALLY.

I find it absolutely hilarious that we get black woman after black woman writing all these open letters and blog posts about how they only want a black man. Yet here we are: Up to our eyeballs in black men who can’t seem to get it through their heads that this is a pro-interracial relationship […]

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“On The Rise” New Reality Show May Swirl On Screen

Special cross post from Swirling and Marriage On The Rise Reality Show Starring Dr. Misee Harris, Fawn Stone and LaKesha Walker We are in the age of reality television. Some are great, informative, funny and all around good entertainment. Some are more on the drama side, making us cringe as we identify the one or […]

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The Secret to Beauty Can Be Found When You Dig Deep…In Your Garden

No matter how many beauty stories we do about makeup and fashion, it all means absolutely NO-Thang if you don’t feed your body from the inside out. While for most Americans it’s still the dead of winter, late February and early March is the time to start thinking about growing your own “beauty garden.” What’s […]