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Episode of Three of “Swirlr” is Here! And the Drama Begins…

In this episode, clients Quintana and Kurt interact with the candidates to test their chemistry. Kurt seems to hit it off with each of the three girls I pick for him, guess which one he might be surprised. Also, there's some drama at the end because Quintana can't seem to make up her … Read More...

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The Secret to Beauty Can Be Found When You Dig Deep…In Your Garden

No matter how many beauty stories we do about makeup and fashion, it all means absolutely NO-Thang if you don’t feed your body from the inside out. While for most Americans it’s still the dead of winter, late February and early March is the time to start thinking about growing your own “beauty garden.” What’s […]

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QOTW: Black Woman Wonders About Interracial Dating After 40

The Letter… Hi Christelyn, I came across the BB&W website chance through a FB friends repost of a picture from the Interracial Dating Central FB page. I’ve been looking through the website and at some of the YouTube videos and I’m glad I came across them. I will be 40yrs old in February and I […]

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Chef Bob: Yakamein Recipe (New Orleans Style)

Yakamein (Ya-Ka-Mein, often pronounced Yakamee) is a type of beef noodle soup commonly found in many Creole and Chinese restaurantsin New Orleans.  Used with permission of Chef Wendy Weber In New Orleans.  This is her personal variation of this soup. The soup consists of stewed beef (such as Thin sliced rib-eye) in beef-based broth served on […]

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We Want More!! Brown, Beautiful, and Killing It: Lupita Nyong’o

On my blog Lattes and Lipstick I love to do a weekly segment called Brown Beauty of the Week where I feature beautiful brown women that are garnering fashion and media praise and I decided that since we celebrate brown on this fabulous blog that I would add this segment here, but I’ll entitle it […]

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Has ‘Bridgegate’ Ruined New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Political Career?

Last September the traffic on the most traveled bridge in the world, the George Washington Bridge, slowed to a trickle for several days after lanes were ostensibly closed in order to complete a traffic study. Unfortunately it is now known that there was no traffic study. And it appears that the George Washington, which spans […]

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The Media Message: Lupita Nyong’o Is Another Man’s Treasure

Check out these recent story lines with stunning actress, Lupita Nyong’o, and then look at who’s loving on her. From The Daily Mail… She’s been the toast of the awards season so far, picking up prize after prize for her role in 12 Years A Slave. And on Sunday night, Lupita Nyong’o got yet another […]

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Blended African European Wedding Down Under

Enjoy these wedding photos of glam bride Christine and handsome groom Daryl.  They celebrated and African-European blended ceremony in their home of Perth, Australia.  The venue is fabulous and the colors are vibrant.  Wishing this newly wed couple all the best!   Source Evermore Photography

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Toni: “Don’t Judge” = “Help Me Save Face”

Any Twilight Zone fans out there? “Neither sympathy nor compassion can be handed out wholesale like cheap bubblegum.” This is a quote from the “One More Pallbearer” episode, one that has stuck with me for some time.   I am more than happy to offer sympathy and compassion to others. There was a comment on […]

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O’Naturale…My Alfre Woodard-Inspired Look, by Senna Cosmetics

I attended the IMATS make up show in Pasadena last weekend and got the chance to interview with Eugenia Weston founder of SENNA cosmetics. Eugenia is the official make up artist for iconic actress, Alfre Woodard. The actress likes to keep it neutral and natural, and boy does she look good doing it! SENNA Cosmetics […]


Monday Pun Day #21

Monday-Punday #20 Here’s a Pun Fact: Ferdinand Feghoot is a character invented by Reginald Bretnor, writing under the pen-name Grendel Briarton (an anagram). He stars in shaggy dog stories, usually in a science-fiction style, in which he saves the day in a horribly punny way. These ultra short stories often were complex and involved, which […]

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Eve Lands New Interracial Comedy Sitcom on ABC

Well, well, well. Looks like Eve is having an awesome start to her 2014. With a billionaire at her side, and a refined and mature image these days, there doesn’t seem to be anything this former Philly native can’t do. Congratulations are in order. Eve has just snagged a new sitcom on ABC, about an […]