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Tell Um Why You Mad, Hun….

You know what I don't believe in.......? Being quiet when I'm pissed off or done wrong. There. I said it... I could give a flying pickle how anyone feels when I feel as if an abomination has occurred against my personhood. That 'Angry Black Woman' shit is and is not a cool moniker because I get that … Read More...


Soft, EASY, Feminine and Natural…Make-Up Look in Five Minutes or Less.

If you’ve stayed away from beauty balms because you were worried none of them comes in the perfect shade of chocolate, here’s two to try: Balm Shelter by The Balm ($25), and SMASHBOX Camera Ready BB Cream ($39). Both give light coverage, moisturize and have an SPF. However, I think Balm Shelter might give a […]


Holidays with the “Chocolate Cousins”… Anyone Nervous?

When it comes to extended family gatherings during the holidays, mixed couples with kids often wrangle with how much exposure they want relatives to have with them. You might worry about that crazy uncle or aunt going rogue and begin ranting about how your husband owes them 40 acres and a mule. I know I […]

Jaimie and Nikki

Watch Real Black Women with their Non-Black Boyfriends

I was just goofing around on YouTube so I thought I’d share this with you. Many people don’t think Black women can get along with non-Black men. Well there are many videos on YouTube featuring Black women and their non-Black boyfriends so you can see for yourself (these are the videos Black-woman-haters love to complain […]


Chef Bob: Meatloaf Wellington

 Meatloaf Wellington This rich, buttery entrée is a variation on Beef Wellington, a traditional English dish of beef tenderloin, then baked inside a puff pastry. Our version is less expensive, but no less delicious! In cooking meatloaf, “under wraps” usually means the meatloaf is enclosed in some sort of shell or casing I.E. pastry or […]


Christelyn Karazin Addresses Critics of Her Interracial Dating Advocacy!

My, my, my. It seems to be that there’s some folks really feeling some kinda way about my promotion of interracial relationships with black women. Apparently I am single-handedly destroying the black community, merely because I have the NERVE to tell black women they are worthy and have options. I blaspheme when I tell black […]


“If Black Men See Us With White Men, It Will Scare Them Away!” O_o

I don’t know how many ways it can be said that in this life you are free to choose and love whoever you wish. Or that spaces like this featuring women who are attracted to, dating, or married to non-black men does not change the fact black women are indeed entitled to date and marry […]

pursuit of sexiness

The Last (Hilarious!) Episode of ‘Pursuit of Sexiness’

‘Pursuit of Sexiness,’ the web series created by comediennes Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata has come to an end. The sixth and final episode has the ladies on the subway, shaking their money maker’s. This entire episode reminds me so much of the Chicago ‘El’ train system–there is always somebody at the Jackson redline stop […]

Farhia and Jason Somali Japanese

Farhia and Jason, Two Ancient Cultures – Modern Day Love

   Jason and Farhia I saw Farhia and Jason’s beautiful wedding of April 11, 2013 in pictures.  Many have seen this couple’s fab photos as they are in various blogs and Pinterest boards.  I fell in love these pics and went directly to the outstanding photographer ‘s website and of course I wanted an interview.  They […]

Comic Con

Calling All Geeks! Comic Con 2014!!

  Anyone going to Comic Con in 2014? Chris attended last year’s San Diego convention and the Swirling after-party seemed like it was a blast based on this sneak preview Chris gave us! I really enjoy Batman and will be interested in progress on the Man of Steel sequel, which turned into a Batman vs Superman movie […]

man shrugging

Consumption and Control: The Foundation of Men’s Sexuality?

My recent comment over at Tracy Renee Jones‘s post “Village Voice Exposes R. Kelly and Our Willingness to Ignore The Sexual Assault of Black Females” went over rather well, so I have made it into a post. Perhaps in this environment I am not telling anyone anything they do not already know, but here is […]


The Top 5 Most Ridiculous Anti-Beyoncé Statements Made Since the Release of Her Album

Beyoncé has released a new album, which means that thousands of people went without lunch this week and that people who dislike the woman and/or her music had a reason to let their hatred of all-things-Beyoncé be known. I’ve only listened to the snippets of Beyoncé’s eponymous album so far, and some songs I really […]