In This Version of “Rosemary’s Baby,” the Demon Seed is Hosted by an Interracial Couple.

One of my favorite 1960's movies of all time is Rosemary's Baby, a tale of financially struggling New York newlyweds whose luck inexplicably changes when they move into an apartment populated by who initially seem to be good-natured, sweet-but-nosy geriatrics. Guy, Rosemary's husband, is a … Read More...


Hey Naturals, Have You Guys Checked Out Ouidad Lately? Might Be Worth a Re-Visit.

I used to be a frequent Ouidad user for my hair and for Clo Clo (the middle girl) and The Babster (the baby girl). I gave it a break for a awhile because I wasn’t really happy with their ridiculously expensive Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner because found another protein conditioner I loved from Alterna’s Caviar […]


Well THAT Explains a Lot: New Study Reveals Fatherlessness Changes a Child’s Brain Structure

Findings released by the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center in the journal Cerebral Cortex, have found a link between fatherlessness and abnormal brain function. Researchers studied the behavior and brains of Californian mice who, like humans, are monogamous and raise their children as a unit. Mice separated from their fathers showed greater […]

Beautiful, Happy African Woman

New Study Says We Might Look Younger on the Outside, But We’re Aging More On the Inside.

I’m sure you’ve heard that black women are resilient and self-confident women that can hold it down even in the worst of circumstances. You’ve read poll after poll showing that black women rate themselves high on the hotness scale. That means we have amazing levels of self-love.  Well, doesn’t it?  Doesn’t high self-esteem do wonders […]

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Kiss Worry Goodbye: The MUA Box Keeps Your Privacy Completely Private

Pssst…Hey you! Yeah, you with the unmentionable objects kept in the draw with your other unmentionables. Have you ever wondered how you can conceal your personal business while also being stylish and ladylike? I’ve got a solution for you that will make owning personal pleasure devices less public and more private. Don’t traumatize the children! […]


Why Are Sisters at the Ivy Leagues Still Caught Up in the Matrix?

It’s the ultimate irony when a black woman feels empowered to reach the highest echelons of academia yet feels so powerless when it comes to dating interracially. It’s like there’s this part of her brain that told her, “Chica, you can do ANYTHING! Except date that white boy.” Funny though, that black men who are […]


New Interracial Romance, “Unsettled” Released Today! (Pssst…It’s Juicy!)

Unsettled by S.C. Ellington Hosted by: Bare Naked Words Release Day 10th December After a horrific breakup with her long time boyfriend, Brooklyn Caldwell is completely disenchanted with the notion of mingling with the opposite sex. Damon Williams had been everything she thought she wanted…until he wasn’t.In an attempt to escape her heartbreaking past, Brooklyn […]

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Ever Feel Like an Imposter in the Board Room? Seven Ways to Conquer Impostor Syndrome–Lessons from African American Business Women

Feeling like an imposter is common when you’ve scratched yourself out of the trenches of the hood to achieve education and professional success. Hell, I didn’t even grow up in the hood and there were times that I felt (or was made to feel) like I didn’t belong. Often the workplace is the first time […]


Monday is Punday #15

Monday-Punday #15 SirLoin knows that: A bather whose clothing was strewed, By winds that left her quite nude, Saw a man come along, And unless we are wrong, You expected this line to be lewd. —————————————- The limerick is furtive and mean You must keep her in close quarantine Or she sneaks to the slums […]


Holiday Find: “Joy to the Girls” Shadow Palette By Too Faced

  The holidays are upon us and make up companies are tripping all over themselves trying to get our money because let’s face it–we ALL want to look better than the next chick at the Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. I scratched my itchy spending finger last week and purchased from a company that […]

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Weekend Read: Book Recommends Black Women Take Notes From Asian Women If They REALLY Want to #Win at Swirling

Before you read another word, this entry is ONLY for BB&W readers who can maintain an open mind and keep their defensiveness in check. If this entry raises your blood pressure, I suggest you might peruse our Health section. I’ve got to give credit where it’s due. Asian women are winning when it comes to […]


On Men Popping the Quesion: Which Race Gets it Right (Or At Least Less Wrong)

‘Tis the season for proposals, is it not? How many of you ladies are on the edge of your seat, waiting with baited breath for your guy to make it official so you can flash that bling under the nose of your envious co-workers? Well, depending on the race and culture of your rainbeau, you […]