Chef Bob: Alaskan Snow Crab Pasta Primavera

Alaskan Snow Crab Pasta Primavera Serves 24. Having a party, or just want to impress your friends?  This is the ultimate party food. A fresh veggie medley tossed in creamy Alfredo sauce and served on a bed of pasta, served with straight from the icy waters of Alaska, with up to a half pound of … Read More...

Dating Guru Matthew Hussey 17/11/09

Stuff I Bet You Don’t Know that You SHOULD Know Before You Have Your First Date

Matthew Hussey is about the most brilliant (and gorgeous) relationships coach I’ve ever met, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend. He’s really good. I stumbled upon an old video he did back in 2009 in which you can see a younger but still brillaint Matthew giving some good advice on how […]


Hilarious Video Pokes Fun of Common Questions White Guys Ask When Dating Black Girls

How many of you guys can identify with any or all of this?


Tis the Season to Give: The Naughty or Nice Adult Toy Giveaway

Baby, it’s cold outside, so what’s a girl to do to keep warm!? Well, as with anything else, you’ve got options, baby. You could always turn up the thermostat to keep warm or you could call up a human of your choice to spoon for that good ‘ol fashion body heat. Or you could make […]


“Black Nativity” Gives Strong Message: Boys need their fathers and we need to forgive.

By M. Hunter “Black Nativity” starring Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett and Jennifer Hudson, is a contemporary adaptation of the play by famed author Langston Hughes. In the movie, Naima (Jennifer Hudson) is a young, single mother whose boyfriend left her when their son was two-years-old. Years later, facing eviction from her Baltimore home just before […]

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New Study States, “There’s No Such Thing As Healthy Obesity”

A new study released today asserts that “healthy obesity” is an oxymoron. A new report published in the Annuals of Internal Medicine from Canadian doctors who reviewed 8 previous studies revealed, Just having good metabolic numbers doesn’t protect you from fat’s deleterious effects, said study co-author Dr. Bernard Zinman, a professor of medicine at the […]


Should Black Women Get Cosmetic Surgery? One Woman’s Story

Black women are supposed to love their bodies, right? Big or small, we are supposed to be the one group of women who understands that we’re beautiful no matter what. Yeah, right. Do you really think that Black women don’t spend just as much time on their appearance as any other woman? Sure, some days […]

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Holiday Off Topic Thread

  Holiday Off Topic Thread Talk about whatever you like

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RANT: Want Us to Stop ‘Fat Shaming?’ Then STOP With the Skinny Shaming!!

Reading the headlines (aka my Facebook timeline) and lo and behold, yet another woman is being ‘skinny shamed’ by the ‘fat shaming’ folks who are mad because fit women display their hotness for everyone to see. Apparently some folks think skinny chicks should wear burqas on Instagram. SHEESH! From Yahoo: Is the post-pregnancy body the […]


BB&W Intern Elizabeth’s 25 Life Lessons

I celebrated my 25th birthday recently.  It was somewhat anticlimatic.  The height of my excitement in reaching 25 was that I could finally rent a car!  (Hey, in NYC that’s a big deal – It means I can travel more outside of this concrete jungle). Then it started…:  “Its all downhill from here!” -(My Best […]

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Mommy Makeover

Mothers work so hard on their jobs and taking care of their children, they loose time for themselves. Check out this quick and easy Mommy Makeover. It’s amazing what a little haircolor and foundation can do. Check out my blog and vlog for more beauty trends, tips, and tricks. Let me know what other hair and makeup questions you […]

Monday-Punday #14

Monday-Punday #14   SirLoin observed, while raking leaves, that a Scottish neighbor–outfitted in kilts and a bagpipe–was blowing the leaves off his lawn with the wind from his pipes. SirLoin said, “I stand corrected … there IS something more annoying than a gas-powered leaf blower!”  —————————————- A lovely young woman of Norway, Hung by her […]