And the States with the Highest Interracial Marriages Are…

April has been the start of news that I've been expecting for over a decade. Interracial marriages are becoming more accepted, more prolific, and it will literally change the face of America by 2050. We'll cover that in a subsequent article, but there was some data included in the news article that … Read More...


White Guy Asks, “How Do I Protect Black Women from DBR’s in Public?”

I just got this letter and wanted to publish it immediately. I am pleased to see that the conversations that take place on this site about the lack of respect and protection that black women face has raised the awareness of non-black men, who desire to protect us. Here’s the letter; please read it in […]


Weekend Read: “Letters to My Mixed Race Son”

We talk a lot here about the importance of boys to have fathers. When I heard that my facebook friend, Frank Robinson (who is a white man married to a black woman) wrote letters to his son since 1988, I was in awe of the level of love and commitment this man had to cultivating […]

Happy Black woman holding scale

The Dumbest Reasons Offered For Why Black Women Should Stay Fat

I have been actively working on being a smaller weight for about a year or so (inactively for a few years before that. I observed that my initial weight loss was the result of eating less and having to walk everywhere and the dots connected…) and I’m confident that I’ll eventually reach my goal. But […]

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Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

I would like to take a moment away from cooking the big meal


BB&W’s First Annual “Sexiest Woman of the Year” Nominations!

Some of us at BB&W got so caught up in our fun (and yes, we are having LOTS of fun), that we left you fellas out in the cold. So to coincide with our “Sexiest Man” nominations, we’re also putting together a post for male BBW members to nominate the women they find to be […]


What Just Happened to Maria Kang is the Reason I Quit Talking About Black Women and Fitness.

Infamously known as the mommy of three who had the nerve to ask America, “What’s your excuse?” offended enough fat-acceptance folks to get her banned from Facebook in which Jezebel gleefully reported. Granted, Kang seems to have went over the line this time when she scoffed at overweight lingerie models, writing that she was annoyed […]

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BB&W’s First Annual “Sexiest Man of the Year” Nominations!

I got inspired to do this post because of the Adam Levine “Sexiest Man” travesty. Someone in the comments section said that we could do a better job at picking, and since Livefyre now allows us to post photos and videos, I thought, why not? Let’s do our own dang on sexy man poll. I’ll […]


13 Years Since I Cried in a Room…Back Where My “Guess Who” Moment Went Awry

For those swirled up couples about to meet the parents, Tuesday night starts the final countdown. Some of you are feeling like you might do something disgusting in your pants, or put your mouth on the ass-end of a toilet because you’re so nervous about what’s to come. You’re not alone. I’ve been there. Anyone […]

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What the Cuss?! Another Girl Threatened With Expulsion Over Her Natural Hair!

Geezus, have perms and presses become so pervasive that folks are surprised that black people’s hair grows from it’s roots kinky and curly? Because here again with have ANOTHER school who is threatening a biracial girl with expulsion because she likes to wear her hair the way it grows out of her head. The Natural […]


Would You Date a Smoker If He Looked Like This Guy?

Every time I see this guy on commercials, I think about how guys like the Marlboro Man just seem sexier to me. Until they breathe on me. I’m on the East Coast and my visit to New York to see the Rockettes yesterday reminded me how many people still smoke traditional cigarettes despite all the […]


Video: Kola Boof Speaks Her Truth About “Black Consciousness” in America

Worth the view, I promise. She addresses the treatment of dark-skinned black women by the black community, and explains why she married a white, Jewish man.   Let’s discuss.