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TBT: KISS the Devil, Shame Your Parents

I’m nearly still scared to admit how much the sheer sight of these men turned me on. I’d never seen anything like it, and haven’t yet seen similar since then. But I remember the day like it was yesterday. The news, the media, those respectable people that we all looked towards for guidance had been[...] Read More…

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QOTW: “Am I Wrong If I Choose to Never Date a Black Man Again?”

I just got this note from a fan of the blog and fan page: I have a question for you Christelyn as well as the other group members who are doing the swirl. (I hope I spelled your name right. It's such a pretty name. ) I am a black Latina who has been … Read More

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Monica: “I Thank God For My Husband”

Monica L. In light of a recent post, I wanted to share a refreshing story of Monica L.  This beautiful, scholarly sister would not let negative messages from anyone or church affect her love, happiness and future.  However Monica fully credits God … Read More

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Vintage Black Glamour Is Coming to a Coffee Table Near You

Beauty. Class. Style. Grace. Talent. Nichelle Gainer, writer and proprietor of the tumblr site Vintage Black Glamour, is set to publish a coffee table book on black glamour, style, and history, in Spring 2014. The book, which bears the … Read More

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How Much, If Anything, Do the Beneficiaries of Profits From Slavery Owe to the Descendants of Former Slaves?

Turns out Benedict Cumberbatch's fine arse is the descendant of plantation owners who got super from owning sugar-cane producing plantation in the Caribbean. A newly appointed city commissioner in New York, Stacey Cumberbatch, told the New York … Read More

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End Racial Descriptions in Crime Alerts – What the Cuss?

(credit: CBS)   There has been a recent uproar at the University of Minnesota because a black student was misidentified as a burglary suspect.  This is alleged because the student was black.  Well it most likely is true that he was … Read More

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OK, So You Possibly Hate (Or Love) Beyoncé’s New Album, But At Least You Now Know Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Is

She deserves the hype. And by "she," I'm referring to Nigerian feminist author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Beyoncé's recent eponymous album--and the woman herself--have been dissected, and hyped and argued over to death. One of the most … Read More

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Do You Know the Difference Between “A” Husband and “The” Husband?

By "Nissa" When I was in college, I was part of a women’s circle that met once a week to discuss school, God, & men.  Whenever one of us had our heart broken, we would vent during our weekly session, examine what went wrong and work on … Read More

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It May Be the Middle of Winter, but You Can STILL Cultivate Your ‘Beauty Garden’ Indoors

Nobody can tell me that my frequent consumption of fresh organic produce from my kitchen garden hasn't resulted in glowing skin. And that's to no chemicals, it's not glowing in a bad way. This skin is brought to you by green smoothies from my … Read More

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#Naughty: Massage your Rainbeau/Rainbeauette for Valentines Day

Massage your Rainbeau/Rainbeauette for Valentines Day By SirLoinDeBeef It's a lot better than a card. Lasts longer than a box of chocolates (and isn't fattening). You're communicating with your hands and fingertips. Humming, whispering or … Read More

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Apollo Nida, Husband of RHOA Star Phaedra Parks, Gets Indicted AGAIN

This is foolishness at its finest. I'm not a Real Housewives of Atlanta Fan. In fact, I've never watched the show other than the occasional snippet that I see when I walk into a room where someone else is browsing for something to watch or when … Read More

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Hilarious Bedsider PSA’s Addresses the Birth Control Without the Outrage

I was up at the wee hours of the morning last night and saw this commercial... This is brilliant, and I wish it could be shown on the television more. … Read More

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A Sister Reacts to Accusation of Race Betrayal

I was given permission by L. B. Kelle to share a recent experience she had.  Now I know the loyal readers of BBW would have some choice words to say to anyone who dare questions why she would want/love/marry a white man.  Ultimately I agree with … Read More

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Beyond Black and White Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and for the romantics at heart, this is the ultimate day of love for the whole year. And apologies to the fellas, but this guide is a gift guide for her, well not HER the movie, but for the fabulous ladies … Read More