All About Travel Tweet Chat TODAY that You Will Not Want to Miss!

Later today will be the tweet chat of all travel tweet chats when we feature the flyest, flyers I know...the queens of international travel to answer all your holds barred. On our illustrious list of panelists we include:   Founder of, Gabriela Oliveira. … Read More...

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Let It Fro. Let it Fro. Let it Fro…

What type of hair do you have? The answer doesn't really matter since nearly all ethnic hair has some form of coil, curl or kink. Blacks are the originators and perfectors of the illuminus hairstyle called the afro, or the 'fro' for the cool people. And no matter whether you got a little or a lot … Read More...


WTF?! Human “Barbie” Claims Women are Less Beautiful Because of “Race Mixing”

Have you had a gander at Russian woman who bends reality to look like a plastic doll with bullet boobs? Yes; Valeria Lukyanova wants you to know that there’s less beautiful women in the world because we’re all mixing ourselves up and stuff, and therefore increasing the demand for plastic surgery. Here’s what she said […]

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Urban Decay Wants You To Wear Color This Spring. A LOT of It.

You guys know I love just about everything Urban Decay, but I think their new “Electric” palette may be a contender with their best-selling NAKED palettes–just on the other end of the spectrum. These colors are BOLD and look MAGICAL on dark colored skin. Think Lupita, ya’ll.   Contrary to what you might believe, bold […]


Like Cheerios, Honeymaid Sticks It To the Haters

You gotta love it when good wins out over evil. What’s sad is that many of the people who rail the hardest against interracial, intercultural, interfaith and same-sex unions have no idea how hateful they appear. But we at BB&W firmly believe that love is LOVE, and we support Honeymaid and Cheerios for sticking a […]

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“Would a Rainbeau Accept My Special Needs Child?”

Dylan A recent post on my Facebook community page sparked the question: “Would a rainbeau accept my special needs child??  Any single woman who loves her special needs (or typical) child will always mentally ask this question of any potential suitor.  My best friend has an autistic son as do I.  As a matter of fact, that is […]


QOTW: Interracial Relationships and the “N-Word”

Got this note about a month ago. Yes; that’s how far backed up I am. Good Evening Christelyn! Two things I love to do is laugh and listen to music. Because I love to laugh, I love going to comedy shows. And although I love music, occasionally I enjoy hip hop music. What I find […]

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Matthew Hussey’s “Unconventional” 9 Steps on How to Get the Guy You Want

Matthew Hussey, relationship coach and best-selling author of the “Get the Guy” recently did a video he says is a can help you get the guy you want in nine steps. Some of the advice is a bit…unconventional, like skipping a shower and showing up in your pajamas if that’s what you feel most comfortable […]

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A Heartfelt Letter from a White Guy, Wondering How He Can Approach Black Women. Have At It, Ladies.

I don’t know if you guys realize how much of an impact this site has, and how many notes I get like this on a weekly basis. Men you thought would never take you seriously, would never love or marry you, would never take you out in public, and all the other LIES being told […]

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Take a Look at This EBONY News Release and Tell Me What’s Wrong.

I got the following news release from the public relations reps over at EBONY magazine. In the May issue of EBONY magazine, the publication partnered with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) to release the State of the Black Family Survey.  In the study, a national sample of 1,005 African-American respondents identified job loss and financial […]

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Essay by the Newest BB&W Blogger: ” The truth was I loved black women.”

Zac is a Facebook friend of mine, quite smart, quite cute, and has a lot of deep thoughts. He hails from Chicago. Hit him up on Facebook here. Zac: “I Never Had a Type” I never had a type.  Sure, I remember those conversations;  I just didn’t have anything to contribute.  Like anyone, I could […]


WHEW! Halle Berry Calls Her Hubby “Delicious.” Guess They’re Still a Thing!

Hey you Halle Berry fans, your worries might be over. Looks like Halle Berry is loving on her husband, Oliver Martinez, and calls him “delicious.” Here, see for yourself… video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player While I’m still holding my breath on whether or not this union will last, I’m glad that things seems to be […]


How Bleaching Products Promoted Colorism in the 1950′s

I saw this on “SwirlQueen’s” Facebook feed, published in the 1952 issue of Jet magazine. You know, that magazine that’s supposed to celebrate black people??   What you’re looking at, ladies and gentlemen, is a damn-near-white black woman embracing her black kang. What was the message? “Listen dark butts! Use this cream and then maybe […]