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Monday Man Candy: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The weather is starting to heat up but since I'm impatient I've decided to turn up my our body heat the old fashioned way. Mother nature...... PRAISE HER!! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I'm curious as to what images these beautiful men bring to mind. Thank me … Read More...

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Example Number 435,098,182 of What’s Wrong With Some Idiots in the Black Community

So I’m on one of my favorite guilty-pleasure blogs, Sandra Rose, when I read that once again, Kanye West displays the intelligence of a dead donkey with his latest tantrum, pouting about why “his girl” Kim Kardashian was snubbed for the cover of Vogue in favor of Michelle Obama. Now normally I could care less […]

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The Scandal: Is Newlywed Kerry Washington Expecting?!

This just in! Bronx born Kerry Washington and new husband, Nnamdi Asomugha, are currently expecting their first child. The internet is about to explode!! The secret is out! “Scandal” star Kerry Washington is reportedly expecting her first child with NFL player husband Nnamdi Asomugha, according to Us Weekly. “She’s about four months along,” a friend of the […]


Being Discerning versus Being Judgemental

Being Discerning This is sort of a rambling post. I just read an excellent article on Psychology Today called “Don’t be Judgemental, Be Discerning“. I have always thought of myself as being a discerning person, not judgemental like some of you want to believe. Please read the article (if you dismiss Psychology Today as worthless […]


Beauty by Monae: Check Out Her Protective Style Hair Regimen

Whether you’re hair is natural or not, protective styles are all the rage. Protective styles are popular for helping you to grow out your hair. The truth is these styles protects the ends of your hair from environmental damage, such as the cotton in your clothes. To achieve those long luscious locks you desire, you […]


PT 2: An Honest Conversation Between You and I: Black Female Sexual Repression, Shame and Neglect

This is part two of a conversation inspired by an email I received from one of our dear readers. My intention as a writer is to bring light to the shadows of shame and repression that may Black females live though. The conversation has now moved into the space of where a Black female finds […]

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Seven Days of Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness: Laura Mercier, “Antique Pink”

What I’m wearing: Laura Mercier, “Antique Pink” I love the smoothness in which this lipstick goes on, and is ultra moisturizing. I think women tend to be creatures of habit when it comes to fashion and makeup, so I almost didn’t get this one. If not for asking the large, gay male Sephora associate to […]

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Makeup By Monae: Quick Hair and Makeup Look

If only we all had the time to make ourselves look like the hottest celeb on TV, but that isn’t realistic.  I’m here to help those of us who only have a few minutes, and want to look beautiful. This quick hair and makeup look is great for hanging out or even going on a […]

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Princess Learns the Hard Way “Project Help a Brutha” Often Ends in Disaster

Before I show the excerpt of this woman’s formal statement, I need to make myself clear so as to stave off the fire-breathing ass weasels who will come in here claiming I’m “dissing the bruthas.” This is a lesson on vetting. In a society led by the patriarchs, a woman of high station marrying a […]


One Letter Writer’s Experience Being the Only Black Girl and NOT Being ‘Invisible.’

There’s very few letters I get that move me to immediate action, but this one did. Once you read it you’ll understand why. I bolded the moral of this letter because I want you to sear it into your psyche, ladies. The writer has inspired me to do MORE in educating this audience about how […]

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Social Graces 101: In Memoriam Maxine Powell 1915-2013

“Mrs. Powell was always a lady of grace, elegance and style, and we did our best to emulate her. Every asset of my personality has been by her influence. Even to the end, she was making sure that I was standing with posture and exuberant grace.” ” -Martha Reeves “She taught us all — men […]

Young Ethnic Woman is Very Surpised

QOTW: I’m black, but now I have “white people problems”…

I’m black, but now I have “white people problems”… My boyfriend and I have been dating for just over 2 years. He (47) and I (44) are divorced. He was married for 20 years and divorced after 4 years of enduring a sexless marriage. I, because of spousal infidelity. In the divorce decree, he got […]