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Two Off the Runway trends that are so right now

As we settle into the spring months and we transition from fluffy sweaters to shorts and sandals, there are various trends happening in the fashion world that deserve your attention. Spring and summer are typical of bright hues, lighter fabrics, and fun funky patterns. And this Spring Summer season … Read More...


“You Must Hate Them All!” Actually…It’s Not That Deep.

I have a confession: Unless someone has done something absolutely terrible or is consistent in their questionable behavior, I have a tendency to forget things. I may actually forget who they are if it’s a one time thing. Let me tell you, there are few things as awkward as being stalked by someone who is […]


Swirling Couple on the Cover of “Los Angeles” Magazine, But Don’t Get Too Excited.

When I got this image from a fan, I was intrigued. After all, it seems like couples that look like us are popping up all over magazines, television and movies. Really? Black woman on the cover kissing a white guy with a GIGANTIC “Sex in L.A.” title?  Do I even need to go into detail […]

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Why We Wear Blue? September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

   Why We Wear Blue? Husbands. Fathers. Brothers. Uncles. Partners. Friends. Co-Workers. Sons.  They are the reasons we Wear BLUE. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month   Did you know…… “Not counting some forms of skin cancer, prostate cancer in the United States is the most common cancer in men, no matter your race or […]

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The Verdict is In: All Black Women MUST Consider Swirling.

Longtime Newsweek writer, Ellis Cose might just have stepped in a big old pile of doo-doo. Finally, an educated BLACK MAN has joined the chorus with Ralph Richard Banks (Is Marriage for White People?) to call it how he sees it. In his piece, “The Black Gender Gap,” Cose reports that black women are outperforming […]


Just Move On: Why Validation-Seeking In Black Women Is Harmful

I’ve become aware of recent kerfuffles where someone said/did something that could be construed as giving a negative impression of black women (or outright crapping on them). Lo and behold, black women showed up to try and shame them into changing their thoughts and behaviors. It never matters what the race or gender of the […]


Be Breath Taking This Fall, Urban Decay “Shattered Face Case”

I’m an Urban Decay stan for good reason: They have some of the BEST formulas for eyes shadows, eye pencils, primers, and on and on. This holiday season UD has come out with several palettes, and all of them are amazing. I’ll reveal a new one each week.  In the above photo I’m wearing “Shattered […]

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Eating in Dublin and Swirling

  I spent a wonderful four days in Dublin, after 14 months teaching English in S. Korea. So far almost 2 weeks after leaving Mumbai, India and a month after leaving S. Korea, I have been in eternal bliss. I found myself wondering the streets of the thousand year old city with a friend, when […]

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BB&W Hits Pay-dirt, Discovers Where Aging 1980′s Stars Haunt!

I just love it when I just happen to be at the right place at the right time. Lucky me just so happened to be staying at the SLS Hotel to celebrate The Hubster’s b-day, and because I have absolutely no interest in following award shows, I had no idea it was Emmy weekend. Apparently […]

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EarthJeff: Swirling on Planet Earth Part 12 – Random Musings

    So… time for just some random musings of a wonderful relationship that just keeps rolling along… Bee and I went to a drive-in movie this weekend.  Yes, one of those things where you pull up in the car and they check to make sure nobody is hiding on the floor or in the […]


This Letter Right Here…

…Is why I do what I do, and endure what I endure. I don’t know how this little angel knew I needed this, but boy, did she make my week. DEAR CHRISTELYN KARAZIN   I am an 18 year old African American female from Indpls,Indiana and I just wanted to finally write to you and […]

Morphe Brushes

Never Spend $800 on Make Up Brushes AGAIN!!

I know how tempting it can be, going into shops like MAC or Sephora, desperate to get that perfect makeup look you saw your favorite You Tuber did, and wanting to buy a slew of brushes (because everyone knows that it’s about the brushes, stupid!!) that cost more than you weekly grocery budget. You just […]