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Tell Um Why You Mad, Hun….

You know what I don't believe in.......? Being quiet when I'm pissed off or done wrong. There. I said it... I could give a flying pickle how anyone feels when I feel as if an abomination has occurred against my personhood. That 'Angry Black Woman' shit is and is not a cool moniker because I get that … Read More...

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Hair: Afro Need a Rest? Try This Easy Yet Elegant Mini Bun Twist!

Everyone knows I LURVES my big, fat ‘fro, but sometimes I need a rest. This week Maxi Me was sick with the trifecta: strep throat, an ear infection and pink eye. Yes, that can really happen. I was running back and forth to the clinic and pharmacy, busing the little ones all over town for […]


An Easy and Quick Way to Be A Little Bit Healthier By This Time Tomorrow

By Ashley Harvard, BB&W Health and Wellness Editor   Incremental shifts lead to monumental changes. I don’t remember where I first heard that, but it is a brilliant reminder of the power of starting small. In fact, it’s one of the core concepts that I’ve used to guide my own journey to better health over […]


Intrigue ‘Swirling’ Around FOX’s New Nail-Biter, “Sleepy Hollow”

Nicole Beharie (“My Last Day Without You”) and Tom Mison look good together while they fight against a foe as old as America in FOX’s version of Sleepy Hollow. Mison plays Ichabod Crane, resurrected in 2013 after being put on ice in 1781. A spell brings him back to the Hollow to fight against the malevolent, […]

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Swirling and Music – Lillie McCloud

   Lillie McCloud Just who is the beautiful bombshell that got Simon Cowell on his feet in praise?  Why it’s new diva on the scene Lillie McCloud that’s who.  On last week’s X Factor audition Lillie blew her competition away.  She has sang back up to greats like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, the group Kool […]


Chef Bob: Amaretto Chocolate Cream Cheesecake

Amaretto Chocolate Cream Cheesecake         A luxurious no-bake chocolate dessert made even more special by the addition of Amaretto, a sweet, almond-flavored, Italian liqueur. If you have any leftovers (ha!), this dessert keeps well on a covered plate for up to 2 weeks.  It can even be frozen and thawed in the refrigerator before […]

Older rainbeaus

Older Latin Man Wants Younger Black Woman…Should He Go For It?

Here’s the question. Meet me in the comments section for your take. Christelyn, I think this is not just one single question, I think I am looking more for the advise that I cannot get from anyone else at this point as I am not ready to talk about this with any one else. I […]


Some Serious Baby-Bumpin’! Halle Berry Steps Out, Very, Very Preggers.

Check out your girl, Halle Berry out on the town with Nahla Aubrey. According to reports, the new wife of “The Squinter” is due any day. All I can say is, I hate her for looking that good right before childbirth. I was waddling like a walrus starting at six months. The lady even does […]

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Lormarie on the ‘Muzzling’ of Black Women

I’ve been on a number of different forums where an interracially married black woman speaks of the hostility she faces from blacks, men in particular, and she’s often met with “white men do it too.” Whether it’s the horrible murder of the military couple at Camp Pendleton or street harassment, people attempt to silence black […]


Monday is Punday….5

Monday-Punday #5 Once again, from the noisome, ichor-besmirched depths of SirLoinDeBeef’s perverse depravity, comes these droppings of literary stench: – – – – – – – Television is referred to as a ‘medium,’ because it is neither rare nor well done! – – – – – – – “What kind of a car ya drive?” […]


Kerry Washington: The Swirl Marriage that Never Was.

So I’m reading the October issue of Glamour magazine, which I couldn’t resist buying because Kerry Washington was on the cover when I’m supposed to be sleeping. I do that sometimes.  I flip through to the Q & A and discover that Kerry was once engaged to actor and rainbeau, David Moscow, back in 2005. […]

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Hey Chicas!! I’m Talking to You! Time to Wrap it Up!

I don’t need to bring up the stats, but I will. The black community has an 80% out-of-wedlock rate. Black women are infected disproportionately with STDs and AIDS. Many of us are having multiple children by multiple men, unplanned, which causes us stress and increases the chances of poverty. When I started No Wedding No […]