All About Travel Tweet Chat TODAY that You Will Not Want to Miss!

Later today will be the tweet chat of all travel tweet chats when we feature the flyest, flyers I know...the queens of international travel to answer all your holds barred. On our illustrious list of panelists we include:   Founder of, Gabriela Oliveira. … Read More...

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Let It Fro. Let it Fro. Let it Fro…

What type of hair do you have? The answer doesn't really matter since nearly all ethnic hair has some form of coil, curl or kink. Blacks are the originators and perfectors of the illuminus hairstyle called the afro, or the 'fro' for the cool people. And no matter whether you got a little or a lot … Read More...

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Recognize Yourself? Five Signs You Are An Angry Black Woman

By Elaine Flowers, BB&W guest writer We could use this time to go over all of the good reasons why black women should be angry, but I have always lived by the mantra: a problem defined, is a problem half solved. We know there is a large demographic of black women who are angry—let’s forget […]


BYOP: Save Money at the Spa By Bringing Your Own Products!

BYOP = Bring Your Own Products A day at the spa can be spectacularly relaxing, and spectacularly expensive. A one-hour massage can cost you nearly $200. A body scrub with those fancy showers starts at about $85. Facial? $150, easy. But the spa need not be reserved by rich and desperate housewives if you’re smart […]


Black Chicks All Look Alike…I Guess…

This is kind of inane news, but at the time I thought it was funny. Watch this FOX sports correspondent mistake a random NASCAR fan as Donna Summer. You know, the singer that died two years ago. Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. NASCAR Legend Michael Waltrip — Pumped About Meeting Donna Summer … […]


Video: Okay I’ve Had Enough! Black Parents, You’re Not Superior for Beating the Snot Out of Your Kids!

This is the second video I’ve seen this week displaying a black mother displaying UTTER CONTEMPT for her daughter. Watch if you dare. I am so sick and tired of the black community bragging about how they beat their kids while white parents just “talk” to theirs. But I have to ask, HOW IS THIS […]

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BB&W Fan, ‘Dr. PhillyGirl’: How International Travel Changed My Life

We are always on the look out for great stories of black women doing great things. Luckily we have only the look in our own back yard.  One on our regular readers  PhillyGirl has just successfully challenged her dissertation earning her Ph.d. We at Beyond Black and White wish to extend our congratulation on her […]

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Active Voice…..

Voice. Diction. Structure. Restriction. Nouns. Verbs. Adjectives. Words. Don’t pretend u can’t understand me at all. Pakistani Haitian Patois Southern drawl. Enunciation. Pronunciation. Diction. Inflection. You miss the connection through misunderstanding and politely Correcting. Those who control their own words and not follow imperial direction. Dangling participles. Un-kept principals. Melded nuptials. Recognize that blended speech […]

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Shocking: Do We Support Child Brides Or Child Sexual Abuse?

Many in the world were horrified to hear of an 8 year old Yemeni bride named Rawan who died on her wedding night.  The poor little baby’s body was abused to the point of internal bleeding that caused her death.  That was too much for most of us to imagine as we look around at our […]

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Beyond the Color Lines…A Tribute Anniversary Video of Mike and Lisa

Get your tissues out… Kizoa slideshow: Anniversary Tribute – Slideshow

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OMG No Words. (NSFW) Well…Maybe This Could Encourage Thug-Love Down Lows to Come On Out.

My Facebook friend, Richard Miller brought this to my attention. At first I was like…WHAT? But then I thought, hey, the black community is so much against homosexuality that too many black men play on both teams for fear of tremendous social consequences; perhaps videos like this will embolden gay black men to embrace who […]

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A True WTF Moment…When a Gym Manager Tells a Black Woman She’s Too Fit.

So it seems that black women are damned if we do, and damned if we don’t, doesn’t it? By now, many of you have read about a true bit of WTF-ery when recent reports about a Richmond, California black woman was asked to cover up at Planet Fitness because her “toned body” was “intimidating” to […]

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Surrender Versus Submission: What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You

All this talk of men, sex, and femininity, yet again, has got my mind sizzling with ways in which I might be able to explain to you what’s so awesome about finding the right mate. Some of the women here can’t wrap their minds around the concept of being submissive to their man, a man, […]