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Dark Girls Can’t Wear Red Lipstick, Huh? #NoBareLips30 Tells Black Women to Define Their Own Beauty.

Of course we all know about the recent passing of Karyn Washington, and her work to encourage black women to love their shade and her #DarkSkinRedLipProject, a poke in the eye to some folks in the black community to say black women have no business wearing red lipstick unless they pass the paper bag … Read More...

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Since You Asked…The Lipstick I Was Sporting When I Helped Hand Marc Lamont Hill His Ass.

LOL not really. I just love writing salacious headlines. Marc seems like a nice guy, just…perpetually “confused.” On purpose. Anyhoozle, I’ve been getting some messages about the lip color I was sporting and so I thought I’d share. It’s a tinted lip balm called “Big Apple” from CAILYN cosmetics. I told you in a previous […]

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Tired of Feeling Like the Dude? BB&W Fan and Friend, ‘Nicole Abundance’ Gives Lessons in Femininity

Let’s face it: gender neutrality is confusing. So let’s just celebrate being girls, shall we? Long-time BB&W fan, ‘Nicole Abundance’ has creating a femininity boot camp of sorts, and wants to share the knowledge… What is the definition of being feminine? Is it the way you dress or how great your manicure looks? Is being feminine […]


Thank God Your Statuses Are Worth a Dang! New Study Says Emotions Vented Online are Contagious.

Better think real hard about what you write on your next Facebook status update. Your selfie could be the butterfly wing that starts the tsunami. Evidence from a University of California, San Diego, Yale University and Facebook Inc. reported Wednesday your status can effect the mood–positively or negatively–of others. First, the researchers found that a […]

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In Case You Missed It: Me, Gina from WAOD, and Dr. Yaba Blay Weigh in on the Supposed “Lupita Fetish”

Let’s discuss!

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How Self Described “Good Guys” Usually Aren’t Good for You

I’m the type of female that listens with her Spidey sense when it comes to men attempting to state their case on why I should consider them a formidable suitor. And considering that this is a dating website, I’ll presume that you folks would love to determine who is and is not a good fit […]

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“My Name is NOT Baby,” a Rant About Street Harassment and Discrimination

  One day, I was standing outside of a store waiting for my dad to meet me. While I was waiting, I made a phone call to my mom. While I was on the phone, I was approached my a man who was obviously more than twice my age who tried to engage me in […]

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It’s Not Always Easy To Love Me. But I Thank You For It

I recently got an email from a supporter of mine who was worried about all the rumors going around about me–you know, the ones that say I’m an opportunist, I’m just in it for the money, I just want to throw black women under the bus. She asked me to explain myself, because she was […]

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Move Over, Halle–Lupita Up for the Role of X-Men’s “Storm?”

I spend a large amount of time on social media.  I would dare to say at times its an unhealthy amount, since I can easily spend hours and hours enjoying conversation through my various social networks.  The photo above started to circulate the internet which was photo shopped by Marvel artist Mark Brooks, of Lupita Nyong’o as […]


Monday Punday # 27

Monday-Punday #27   SirLoin notes that one of the delights of teaching History is the occasional jewel of a student blooper in a essay, derived from students from 8th grade through College. Read carefully and you may learn a lot:   “The inhabitants of Egypt were called Mummies. They lived in the Sarah desert and […]

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Chef Bob’s Boston Baked Beans

Boston Baked Beans When it comes to summer picnics, I look forward to a handful of things: blackened hot dogs on the grill, sweet corn on the cob, watermelon and baked beans. I’ve always heard rumblings that beans get a bad rap, especially among kids, but I’ve always been a fan. Whether it was refried […]

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London Calling…”Swirlr” Covered in “The Daily Mail” Today!

Okay now I’m feeling legit. Daily Mail is Guess those folks in the UK watch CNN too, because it’s pretty much a transcript of what I said, which sounds kind of incoherent, but WHATEVA!!! You guys, this is it. It looks like the world is recognizing the 15%, and those folks deserve to see […]