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JQ Abroad Open Thread: Share Your Overseas Experiences!

Hi ladies, it’s been a long time since I’ve written here and it got me thinking that it’s high time that we shared our overseas experiences. This is where the article involves your participation! I love reading positive articles of black women enjoying their space and time overseas. It creates … Read More...

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Fabulous Date Ideas for Cool People

The East Coast folks know that we’re on a tight deadline. These days you can’t quite tell when Summer springs or when Winter will Fall through, so it makes the most sense to get all early dating phase-ish things out the way while you can still can. I’m a resident of the state of New […]

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Reader Letter: Black Woman Married to a Black Man Sees the Site for What It Is

I love it when people finally “get” it. The letter… I pop in on your site from time to time and my feelings about what you are trying to do have run the gamut. But your recent posts have made it clear to me that I misjudged your intent, and I wanted to say keep […]


Sirloins’ BB&W Babe Wednesday!! Curvy Version…

Ahem…..Some  ladies have curves and are not afraid to flaunt them! I also know some of us men like it that way. And that way……….. …..and most definitely this way. What is that old saying? The only thing a dog can do with a bone is bury it. (I’m putting in a personal note right […]


Love It! Couple I Interviewed for Loving Day 2014 Tied the Knot!!

I just love it when this happens, and it happens a lot. Last year, courtesy of online dating site, DateWhoYouWant.com, I was able to attend the 2013 Loving Day flagship celebration in New York City. While I was there, I met a couple and did a video that has gone semi-viral. Well guess what? The […]

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Gotta Say Something Because This is Inexcusable: Eric Gardner Didn’t Have to Die for 50 Cents.

Many of you know that I draw a hard line on black men in the community who abandon their children en masse and never even think of marrying the voluminous baby mamas they have peppered all over their blighted neighborhoods. So when I first read about, then saw the awful video of gentle-giant Eric Gardner […]

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Nutritious, Delicious, and Filling: How to Make Your Own Sun Dried Tomatoes

I’ve had mixed success with tomatoes this season. My heirloom tomatoes I grew from seed have produced “meh,”  (good but not prolific) but the two vines of organic, non-GMO roma tomatoes I bought from Home Depot as starter plants have taken off. These were supposed to be a determinate variety, meaning that they won’t keep […]


Have You Seen This Hunk? Nick Bateman Blows Up Facebook.

Take a look at this specimen of perfection… So who is he? He’s Nick Bateman. A model, actor, and wanna-be Ninja Turtle that has everyone on Facebook–both gay and straight–going completely bat shit. I just may have to leave my husband for this man. And according to this advertisement, he’s into Asian and Black chicks. […]

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OMG Pink for Dark Girls…Yay Mineral Fusion!

I have about a half dozen pink lipsticks in my stash, so many that it took me a dog’s life to get to trying a Mineral Fusion shade that just about knocked my socks off. You are looking at me wearing, CHARMING, the pink shade of lipstick offered from Mineral Fusion. I achieved this look […]

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Feeling Lonely? Isolated? Use Social Media to Create Your “Circle of Support”

I recently got a note from a black woman married interracially, and it got me to thinking about how sometimes, interracial relationships can cause challenges in forming friendships. I have a question. My husband and I have no friends. Some black women won’t talk to me, they call me a sell out. Some white women […]

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The Unfair ‘Options’ Media Message: What Do These Two Magazine Covers Tell You?

As a former public relations executive, I can tell you without any doubt that the media sends us messages–messages that we expect, messages that reinforce, and messages that influence. So when I saw a magazine cover show up on my Facebook timeline, complete with a message from Kola Boof, I began to really try and […]

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Man Candy Monday: Wrestling with the Remarkable that is Roman Reigns

Oh, you kids are so, so spoiled. I feed you Man Candy each and every Monday, yet you scream for more various and different kinds. It’s like your appetite can’t be squelched, nor your eyes filled with enough delectable treats. I was sent a special request for a Man Candy feature so since you know […]