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Finally, the Dates! Episode #Four of “Swirlr”

Have some ideas how you think this is going to end? … Read More...

Quvenzhane Wallis

Quvenzhané Wallis Is Called A Nasty Woman’s Vagina By The Onion. It Could Have Only Happened to a Little Black Girl.

The Onion is stinking to high heaven on this one…


No African American Nurses To Care For My Baby! What The Cuss?

A white racist father instructed her supervisor that he did not want any African American’s caring for his sick baby. The hospital complied and even posted a note on the child’s chart reinforcing the order. What the cuss?

Eletha Finch

Swirling in History Oscar Night!

Eletha Finch was so gracious and humble accepting her late husband, Peter Finch’s Oscar. It is logical that the widow of an actor should accept any award in honor of her husband (or vice versa). But in 1977, race definitely was a factor in Eletha NOT being asked to accept the award on her husband’s behalf.


For the Fellas Hot for Dating Black Girls, Take This Expert’s Advice and “Grow Some Gonads!”

Not sure if you ladies are aware of the INCREDIBLE amount of non-black men lurking on this blog. Why are they here? Research and intelligence gathering, of course. Some have already dating black women in the past, some are currently dating or even married to black women, and other are here straggling along the fence. This post is for the straggling dudes. As many of you know, Jordan is my dear friend–and he knows his stuff. –Chris


Becoming Kerry Gabrielle Michelle

Some women have “it” and some just don’t. By “it” I mean the motivation, willpower, and means to become women who everyone admires, emulates, and reveres as “the best when compared to the rest”. These are the women who respectable, successful, and admiration-worthy people of all races hold up as examples of the type of woman or Black woman they wish all Black women could be. Let’s call her “Kerry Gabrielle Michelle”.

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Leona’s Love Quest Part XX- The Cost of Being Single in America

In such a marriage and family-oriented society, I don’t see any kind of accommodations for singles happening anytime soon and black women are still marrying at the lowest rate among all groups (with the legal right) in America. Do you think it’s true that marrieds have it better than singles or is this just another case of the grass looking greener on the other side?

Mahala Lynch Davis and daughter

Swirling in History Part Seven: Mahala Lynch Davis

Mahala Lynch Davis, married her former slave owner Isaac P. Davis in 1857. On the right is their daughter Martha Davis Wilson (b. 1848) holding her baby Julia Wilson (Car). Davis freed Mahala and then married her moving from his former Virginia plantation to Chilicothe, southern Ohio.


Damaged vs. Damaged Beyond Repair vs. Work-in-Progress: What’s the Difference?

Question: What are some other ways to differentiate between someone who is “damaged beyond repair” and a “work in progress”?


Why You Should Care About the Fact that Lil’ Wayne Has Disrespected Chris Bosh’s Wife, Adrienne Bosh

I know: The last thing in the world you want right now is to read another post about rapper Lil Wayne and his issues of mental and emotional instability, but bear with me for just a moment.


A Self-Proclaimed ‘DBR’ Black Woman Reaches Out To Us. It’s a Bird’s Eye View Into How Some of Us Are the Way We Are.

“Admitting this openly is something that I wouldn’t normally do, but I guess I felt it had to be said openly to someone in the hopes of preventing or reducing the number of functional DBR women produced in the black community. Even though I’m only sharing my story, I’m sure there are many more instances of black women who share the same background as me.”


Day 20 of 28 Days of Heart Health: Healthy Living Idea Swap and Giveaway!

Share your secrets, get a prize.