Writer Reads “Swirling,” and Is Overwhelmed with Tears. Find Out Why.

You won’t want to miss this. One of the most touching letters I’ve ever received. Ladies, don’t let anyone tell you that non-black men are not checking for you, won’t love you, cherish you, or try to understand you. Reading this letter will change anyone’s mind on that. Dear Christelyn,    You don’t know me[...] Read More…


Swirling in History Part Nine: Anna Kingsley

Anna Kingsley   Anta Majigeen Ndiaye or Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley was not always the free Senegalese woman who eventually became a plantation and slave owner.  At 18 years old, her owner Zephaniah Kingsley, one of the most powerful men … Read More


Episode VI: Return of the Memo for the Ongoing Battle With the GAT-DL

A Long Time Ago, On An Interracial Relationship Blog Not Too Far Away .... GAT-DL WARS     *scrolling text*     Episode VI: Return of the Memo   In the past, there had been previous attempts to communicate … Read More


Legal Loan Sharking: Why You Should Avoid Payday Loans Like the Plague!

Getting your Money right. For all of the talk of empowering black women to lead the best lives that they can one thing stands out. Living the good life takes money and how you handle that aspect of your life is a learned skill just like any other … Read More

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Harsh Reality: Ghetto-Girl Mentality Has Little to Do With Economics, More About ‘Fitting In’

Yesterday I picked up Maxi Me and her bestie from high school. They were deep in exchanging gossip about a black girl who had a fist fight with a boy in Third Period. "She was pounding on that guy!" said Maxi. "Wait; I think I know the girl … Read More

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What Black Men Say When Black Women Aren’t Around

What do men talk about when women aren't around? Is the conversation different based on the races, ages and culture of the men? Did you ever wish you could be a fly on the wall in a barber shop, or maybe in the locker room so that you could hear … Read More

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Why You Should Care About the Term ‘Sequestration’

First things first, the term "sequestration" has nothing to do with horses or the sport of horse riding. That would be "Equestrian." Second, if you do not know what the term means, you should read this entire article as it may have a major impact on … Read More

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One New Mother Asks,”Is It Best To Stay Natural and Nappy?”

            I'm a new mom and I thought the worst thing I would encounter at five months is teething, but because of my baby's West African roots, combing her hair could be a top contender.  I was … Read More

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Thinking Of Moving Abroad? Better Find Out Who’s ‘Packing’ Before You Start Packing!! (INFOGRAPHIC)

Don't let it be said that we shy from any discussion here on BB&W. And since I know that many of you single ladies wish to travel abroad for both work and love, I'd thought I'd pass this essential bit of information to you... Embedded from … Read More


White Model in Black Face (or Black Body), a New Fashion Statement?

In the March edition of Numéro, a prominent international fashion magazine, white 16-year-old model, Ondria Hardin, poses in full-on, full-bodied bronzed hue. The editorial spread was called, of all things, "African Queen." Now, I have heard of … Read More


Spring Staple: Three Ways to Wear an H & M Blazer

Every season there is always a staple piece to have in your closet to wear with just about any and everything. This SS2013 is no different. The biggest color trend is white hot and this white blazer is perfect for 2013.  You can buy it at H&M for … Read More

Quvenzhane Wallis

Quvenzhané Wallis Is Called A Nasty Woman’s Vagina By The Onion. It Could Have Only Happened to a Little Black Girl.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I hate award shows. Most of it, in my opinion, is a bunch of beautiful people verbally licking and sucking each other. Alas, even though I protest every year, there's always some drama that ensues that will … Read More


No African American Nurses To Care For My Baby! What The Cuss?

Tonya Battles a veteran African American nurse recently sued Hurley Medical Center, a Flint, Michigan hospital where she worked for racial discrimination. A white racist father instructed her supervisor that he did not want any African American's … Read More

Eletha Finch

Swirling in History Oscar Night!

Since it is Oscar night and all of Los Angeles is a buzz, I could not think of a more fitting story to share. Eletha Finch was so gracious and humble accepting her late husband, Peter Finch's Oscar. It is logical that the widow of an actor should … Read More