In Defense of Funky Brown Chick’s “Tips for Picking Up Brown Skinned Women”


I see there's some outrage about a recent article Twanna Hines (aka Funky Brown Chick) wrote to advise non-black men on how to date black women. She … [Read more...]

Photo of the Day: It’s a Wonderful World.


I'm one of the room mom's for my son's second grade class, and this grade has a patriotic performance around Memorial Day time.   I took this shot of … [Read more...]

Pre-Workout ‘Beauty’ Smoothie Also Helps with Hair, Nail Growth


I've had a love/hate relationship with carbohydrates for the last couple of years, trying to figure out the "magic combination" that will give me the … [Read more...]

She’s Beautiful. She’s Successful. She’s Childless. She’s Not Crazy. So Why Is Misee Harris Single?


Take one look at Misee Harris, a sweet, soft-spoken southern belle from Tennessee (and a doctor and inventor for lawd's sakes at only 29) you'd think … [Read more...]

Some May Have Scoffed, But 300-Sandwiches Lady Just Got Engaged at Sandwich #257.

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Three-hundred sandwich lady made headlines last year (and sparked outrage to both militant feminists and the pro-black, anti-interracial relationship … [Read more...]

Why Do Some Black Women Think I’m Trying to “Force” Them to Swirl?!

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So...I've made it my business to really cease and desist addressing folks that take cheap shots at me, my work, and this site. They can steadily say … [Read more...]

DeBlasio Gives Lessons On How to Protect a Woman. Take Notes.


The media is so hard on mothers. If you're Michelle Obama, militant feminists complain that you shame the movement because you're happy with being … [Read more...]

The Great Debate Between Me and Matthew Hussey: Should You Date at Your Workplace?

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Subjects for the Question of the Week often come in themes. Lately I've gotten a lot of questions for men and women conflicted about starting … [Read more...]

Baked Chicken with Rosemary, Fig and Mushroom Sauce

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I've always liked figs. It's like the perfect combo of sweet, squishy and crunchy. One day I was eating my once-daily ration and thought, … [Read more...]

What? Interracial Romance Novels are on’s Radar. That’s Huge.

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Before I start, I just want to give a shout out to all my folks who bring stories they know I like to cover. You make my life tremendously easier. XO … [Read more...]