Star Talk: Fall-ing in Love

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As we leave the hot spicy, sometimes overly passionate summer babies, we find ourselves moving into the cooler more mature, if you will, months of … [Read more...]

Star Talk: Summer Babies’ Astrological Fashion Color


"Summer lovin, had me a blast. Summer lovin' happen so fast. Met a boy as cute as can be....oh oh those summer nights.." Most of you summer babies … [Read more...]

StarTalk: What’s Your Astrological Power Color?


Since I am celebrating my birthday today and being a spring baby, I've decided to celebrate all things spring, except of course, all of nature's sperm … [Read more...]

Off the Runway Beauty Trends: Rose Gold and Copper Ore


You've already read my ode to rose gold, so I won't bore you with more accolades. But, being the lover of copper and rose gold, I could not resist … [Read more...]

SS 2014 Preview: An Ode to Rose Gold

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Oh Metallics, how we love thee. In fact, we anticipate your return every spring and summer. Gilded lids and lips, silver streaked toes, are de … [Read more...]

Oscars Best Dressed List: Spring 2014 Preview

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Your dreams are definitely valid, and everyone dreams of the Oscars. As America and the rest of the world gather around their TV sets to see what … [Read more...]

A Rose by any other name: Pastel Pink Beauty Trends SS 2014


This is my ode to pink. A color, that if I were put into as a child, I'd scream bloody murder. I hated the feminine soft color, so Barbie, so girlie, … [Read more...]

La Vie En Rose SS 2014 Trends


We all know the movie, well, that is if you are a 70s or 80s kid. You know the scene when Andie walks into her prom wearing that cute pink dress she … [Read more...]

3 Off the Runway Beauty Trends for SS 2014


I don't know if you can feel it, but Spring is in the air. And hopefully like me you have already started to scour the net to find the upcoming … [Read more...]

Must Read: Endless Opportunities Abroad For Women of Color

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There are times when we look at the world and the outlook seems quite bleak and then there are times when we look at the world and it seems unfair, … [Read more...]

Spring forward and get a jump start on your spring wardrobe….

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Those of us who are major fashion heads are always keeping our eyes trained forward to the next season although we may be firmly entrenched in one at … [Read more...]