#Trending: Black + White = Art Deco Chic


    It is rare that two colors so opposite go so well with each other. Unlike any combination in the color spectrum, black and white … [Read more...]

White Hot: Minimalistic Beauty Trend SS 2014


As a former makeup artist extraordinaire, I always obsess over the new beauty trends each season, but to be honest, once I stop being an artist, I … [Read more...]

#Trending: Bright White


I find it quite interesting that each season has a staple color every single season. For example, Winter's staple color is black. Fall's staple color … [Read more...]

#Trending: Pacifica SS 2014

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Summer is fast approaching and the days have been heating up (unless of course you are on the south side of the planet below the equator). Being that … [Read more...]

3 Fantastic Trends re-introduced at the Met Gala


Last night all the stars were out in the glimmering glory, dazzling us anew as they strut the red gas stream known as the Red Carpet. Some were … [Read more...]

Abstract My Art: Closet Worthy Trends This Spring

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This spring's fashion trends are full of retro surprises. They give you many opportunities to flaunt your artistic nature on your clothes instead of … [Read more...]

Two Off the Runway trends that are so right now

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As we settle into the spring months and we transition from fluffy sweaters to shorts and sandals, there are various trends happening in the fashion … [Read more...]

Star Talk: Winter Babies, what’s your power color?

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We are finally at the end of the chart and figuratively in the winter of our lives in this part of the zodiac. Many people born under these three … [Read more...]

Star Talk: Fall-ing in Love

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO2Ij1eO-GQ&w=560&h=315] As we leave the hot spicy, sometimes overly passionate summer babies, we … [Read more...]

Star Talk: Summer Babies’ Astrological Fashion Color


"Summer lovin, had me a blast. Summer lovin' happen so fast. Met a boy as cute as can be....oh oh those summer nights.." Most of you summer babies … [Read more...]