White Hot: Minimalistic Beauty Trend SS 2014

As a former makeup artist extraordinaire, I always obsess over the new beauty trends each season, but to be honest, once I stop being an artist, I kinda stop wearing makeup.  Years of having to put on a coat of makeup before leaving the house to go to work has left me burnt out. Well, that is until this season.




This season is the season of fun, futuristic, 60s throwback makeup fun and it has gotten me excited again. In fact, I will begin wearing makeup to work because of it. One of my favorite trends is White Hot, Minimalism. This trend is fantastic for all women no matter the shade and it goes well with nude, pastel, and bright classic red lips.




White Hot is the trend of using white eye shadow either all over the lid with a black liner, all over the lid with large lashes (60s), or all over the eye from lash line to brow and as eye liner.




If you are not one to be overly creative with your eye make up, try the classic white eye shadow (brown/nude crease) and black liner, ala Marilyn Monroe. To accomplish this use a matte or semi-matter white eye shadow like M.A.C.’s Gesso eye shadow. Make sure to plump up your lashes by adding false ones or using a volumizing mascara.







You can also try it as an accent color near the tea duct to make your eyes look brighter and wider. to accomplish, use a more shimmery white shadow or liner instead of a matte one.




Either way you decide to wear this trend, I am sure you will be stopped often for compliments AND it gives you an opportunity to try something completely new, especially if you are a person slightly terrified of makeup. Here is a list of some awesome white shadows and liners you can try the next time you are in the mall. And another bonus is this video by makeup mavens, and sisters, Pixiwoo. Enjoy the accent and watch as many of the vids and you can possibly muster, I promise you’ll be a pro by the time it’s all said and done.



White Eyes SS 2014 Trend


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