Off the Runway Beauty Trends: Rose Gold and Copper Ore


You’ve already read my ode to rose gold, so I won’t bore you with more accolades. But, being the lover of copper and rose gold, I could not resist bringing you this wiry twist on the trend…read my lips…my copper colored lips…. The word on the street is, copper or rose gold is not just for decorating your pout, but it can be use in many different ways and on  various surfaces.

Here’s a few ways to wear rose gold ad copper this season…you know, just in case you are adverse to wearing it on your clothing.

LIPS: Add some glittery sex appeal to your lips. Give them an instant pout with rose gold. It will instantly brighten up your face. One of my favorite rose gold lip glosses is Nymphette from M.A.C. It’s pinky coppery warm color goes great with any skin tone or undertone.




If you want to go more copper, try Coppertone Lip Gloss from Iman Cosmetics…..


Iman lip gloss

LIDS:  Enhance your come hither stare…bring out your flirtatious side with a rose gold lid or bring out your sultry side with a smoky copper lid. There are so many options when using these awesome colors. Don’t hesitate to use them together or combine them with more vibrant colors or other metallics.
CHEEKS: The name of the game is trying new things. Most of us are stuck in a beauty rut when it pertains to blush.  We are used to wearing bronze, brown and sometimes wine colored blush or no blush at all. How about giving copper or rose gold blush a go this spring? Use rose gold blushes for fair to medium skin and copper blushes for medium to dark skin. Using a pop of one of these colors will give your skin a natural glow.
NAILS: Maybe you are not so bold, but you want to beautiful. Another less obvious way to incorporate rose gold or copper into your spring beauty wardrobe is by using it on your nails in a unique way. Here are some awesome nail art to inspire your copper rush this spring/summer.
02-nail-art-bridal-studs 5d378bb3b78eea8dddb64533abada5dc IMG_3462
sensationail nail art 2
Here are a few suggestions for your new rose gold/copper obsession. Enjoy..until next time…TOODLES..
Rose Gold beauty
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