#Trending: Black + White = Art Deco Chic




It is rare that two colors so opposite go so well with each other. Unlike any combination in the color spectrum, black and white –no pun intended– are two very compatible colors, they were indeed made for each other.


If you love this chic combination that became world famous during the Roaring Twenties, then you will not be disappointed with this SS2014 season, because the  combo has been seen dancing on every catwalk, from New York to Paris, and London to Milan. It would seem that all of the fashion industry is truly enamored with their glamour.


Even the glittering stars gaze in awe of this couple. In fact their envious gaze causes them to want to embody the odd pair. So they do. They deck themselves [the starlets] in black and white from head to toe and dare anyone to say anything about it. They have discovered the fashion truth, ‘that everyone looks stunning in black and white.’





Even the designers were impressed by this complimentary duo. Stating that ‘opposites not only attract, they set off fireworks!’  From Dolce and Gabbana to Valentino and Zimmerman to Carolina Herrera, luxury designers decked their models in black and white attire and sent them down the runway receiving many accolades.




Needless to say, no matter your size or complexion, this rocking combo is definitely for you. From airy frocks, to structured suits, no one can go wrong in this combo. And if what they say about opposites attracting, then you definitely may stop traffic, receive many compliments, and perhaps be perused in the grocery store. And perhaps, just maybe, in this not so subtle ensemble, you will attract that rainbeau you have been looking for.


Until then, here are some key pieces to choose from, to add black and white into your wardrobe.




Black + White Art Deco Chic
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