The Dumbest Reasons Offered For Why Black Women Should Stay Fat

Happy Black woman holding scale

I have been actively working on being a smaller weight for about a year or so (inactively for a few years before that. I observed that my initial … [Read more...]

BB&W’s First Annual “Sexiest Woman of the Year” Nominations!


Some of us at BB&W got so caught up in our fun (and yes, we are having LOTS of fun), that we left you fellas out in the cold. So to coincide with … [Read more...]

Who Should ‘Shut Up’ Again? The Lie About Being Empowered Through Silence….

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You have the right to remain silent. In fact, silence can be used to great effect to express having the power in a situation. Passive aggressive … [Read more...]

OOW Children Are No Mistake, But Stop Projecting Your Ego Onto Your Child.

NWNW baby

One of the most difficult discussions when it comes to the OOW rate among black women is acknowledging that it is a problem. Mainly because black … [Read more...]

BWE And Validation-Seeking: Are You Looking To Be Told What To Do?

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You know, there are things I agree with and disagree with when it comes to how BWE reaches black women, however there has always been one thing that … [Read more...]

Black Women and Benefits, We Don’t Get None, Always Cheering for Others.

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Question:  How do you know when you are happy?  Think about it for a minute. Do you smile more? Do you hum a tune?   However and … [Read more...]

Introducing “Fables for Thrivers”: The Caged Bird and the Free Bird


The Caged Bird and the Free Bird Once upon a time, there was a caged bird who would get weekly visits from a free bird. The free bird would fly far … [Read more...]

Black Woman Stages of Grief: The Acceptance Stage

Burial Casket

This post is the long overdue conclusion to my series on the "Black Woman Stages of Grief". You can see Part I and Part II here. I think this took … [Read more...]

Of Gold-Diggers, Womb-Guardians, And Why Black Women Got Their Own


If you never in your life want to hear a black woman either go off about why "she don't need a man" or why it's perfectly reasonable to settle for a … [Read more...]

“You Must Hate Them All!” Actually…It’s Not That Deep.


I have a confession: Unless someone has done something absolutely terrible or is consistent in their questionable behavior, I have a tendency to … [Read more...]

Just Move On: Why Validation-Seeking In Black Women Is Harmful


I've become aware of recent kerfuffles where someone said/did something that could be construed as giving a negative impression of black women (or … [Read more...]