Who Raped Chris Brown? Sexual Assault Has No Gender

The internet is buzzing about the latest oral slip up coming from Public Enemy Number #1 also known as Chris Brown. Now I'm so sure this isn't a … [Read more...]

Hey Chicas!! I’m Talking to You! Time to Wrap it Up!

sad condom

I don't need to bring up the stats, but I will. The black community has an 80% out-of-wedlock rate. Black women are infected disproportionately with … [Read more...]

Who Owns a Black Woman’s Womb?


*gets behind a podium* *clears throat*   Blogmistress, moderators, community regulars, lurkers and guests-   The black … [Read more...]

Why Are We So Embarrassed to Admit We Use Vibrators? (NSFW)


So I'm at the BlogHer conference in Chicago, and lo and behold, I see a trade show booth from Trojan, the old reliable prophylactic, the stretchy … [Read more...]

PT 1: An Honest Conversation Between You and I…Embracing Your Sexuality

Waistline of a black woman

This essay is in response to an email I received from someone a little over a month ago. There is so much going on in the dialogue that I thought it … [Read more...]

Video: (most) Black Women Aren’t Sex-Starved Jezebels, So Come Correct in Online Overtures!

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Got another letter from my YouTube Channel (by the way, have you subbed yet?) Some of my male alum from high school (the married ones) have some … [Read more...]

Butt Naked While Brown: Perfection, Normalcy and Taboo….(NSFW)

Does Black Skin Equal Dirty? I ask that question after an exchange on the front porch (Facebook) that occurred after I posted the link to … [Read more...]

Pornography Versus Erotica: Corset Magazine Settles the Score


The biological chemistry of sexual desire and intrigue has been with man (and woman) since the beginning of time and I don't believe that's ever going … [Read more...]

All The People Crying About Letters And Conspiracy Theories: Go Get Your Life!


Sometimes when black women say they are moving forward, they are instead stalling themselves by continuously looking back. Someone wisely referred to … [Read more...]

Who Da F*ck Did I Think I Am……………..? (A Poem for My Sisters Quietly Watching)

tracy renee cover

WHO THE FUCK DID I THINK I AM? Who the hell was I to think I'm talented enough and how dare I believe all that complimentary stuff! How … [Read more...]

Why it Might Be Premature to Celebrate the Re-Authorization of the Violence Against Women Act

Credit: Loop21.com

Just a few weeks ago, Congress laid the foundation to re-authorize the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The Senate version of the bill, passing … [Read more...]