Happy Humpday: A Tiny Ember or a Raging Inferno (Does Size Really Matter?)

Congratulations! You’ve made it to midweek. Only a few more days to go. So since you’ve got some time on your hands and may find yourself sitting behind a computer in a cubie bored out your mind, I thought I’d give you a point to ponder.

I can’t imagine being on the outside looking in to the world of sexually mature. My mind is slightly foggy, because you know, I’m getting up there in age but I can’t recall if I ever sat around and gave thought to the type of penis size that would please me. I’m sure I didn’t. As a matter of fact, until you’ve done things a few times or had a great vantage point while watching you may not even realize the amount of variables going on that would make, or go on to make, sex an awesome thing.

Sex is an awesome thing!!

I repeat for the people in the back… SEX IS AN AWESOME THING!

But how does it get that way?

What needs to exist in order for sex to be great?

Do you believe making love on a bed of roses will be as great in real life as it sounds in theory? (It is…)

Are you eagerly waiting on the chance to do naughty things atop silk sheets? (Hilarious non sexy story)

What does good sex look like in your mind? And are all men capable of providing you with satisfactory performance between the sheets?

Sadly, the answer is ‘No’, no matter what you may have read, or what you may have heard.

Not all men are created equal……and you can take that how you wanna take it. I stack my #Manhandling experience against any person here, male or female.

Surely there will be those who feel the need to ‘splain how things ‘can’ be in ‘spite’ of certain male short comings but as a woman who has enjoyed men in all the ways and means I’m here to tell you that a good heart, a kind gesture and a pocket full of dedication means nothing if you internally scream each time he reaches for you.

I’m here to give you the honest truth on what it’s like to have a well intentioned man do all that he can to make you happy but for the one thing he can’t do to make you happy. Think of being a youthful young woman capable of eating all the cake that you want without ever having the ability to taste the cake. You can see it with your eyes. You can hold it in your hands. You can brag to your friends about the fact that you can have something they wish they had but you can never really indulge in the cake if you can’t taste the cake.

Makes sense…or nah?

What else more is there to say, ladies?

This is your world and your journey and today is a new day. The writing is on the wall and its not all done by males who may be motivated to keep their secrets buried and so we can have this discussion.

Does size really matter?

Yes, when he’s of the stature so small that copulation seems difficult, if not impossible.

Yes, when he’s so slim that he does more tickling then tantalizing.

Yes, when he’s so huge that you are unable to do daily activities the next day, like, stand up straight and walk without pain. (true story)

Yes, when he’s so not what you need and want him to be but he’s being everything he can.

There are some that feel the more sexually inexperienced a woman is than the less likely she’ll be to have standards that the average (below average) man will be unable to meet.

There are some that feel a woman should not have an opinion about her expectations of her potential mates ability to sexually satisfy them.

There are some that feel a woman should not be sexual and that pleasure derived from sex is a lucky happenstance. They feel sex isn’t something to be done simply because it is enjoyable (only men are able to do that).

Some folks think sex is something done to maintain a relationship, in a one sided way where the expectation of sexual pleasure can be offset by a lackluster lover’s efforts outside of the bedroom.

How big do you need your house to be in order to suppress sexual urges? I’m not able to answer that question.

How many battery operated devices are needed to take the place of a leaving, breathing, viral man?

People say a lot of things.

Will you be willing to put on the show of your life when the man you love (genuinely) reaches for you?

Would you be satisfied with a sexlss but otherwise fullfilling relationship?

Of course, there are far more things to a relationship than good sex! And folks will mention how sex decreases with age so therefor the need to satisfy won’t be so important later on in life but that’s not entirely true.

The most popular guys in the geriatric ward (yes, chile, yes) are those guys who are keeping company with the ladies of the immediate area. Up to and including gossiping, fisticuffs and words of threats, love and devotion (sounds like high school, no?).

But the good news is that you are the captain of your own ship. You get to determine what is and is not appropriate, satisfactory and pleasing to you in all things when it comes to a man. Never, ever turn down the fire that burns within you and when you find that guy that can turn up the heat, he’ll be thermostat of which you can measure all the others.

You can hear that fire burns….or you can allow yourself to be enticed by the beautiful flame.

Bring me your warmth.

Bring  your heat.

Let’s make big fire.

I’ll have nothing less than an enferno.

So, ladies….. Does size really matter?



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