Tis the Season to Give: The Naughty or Nice Adult Toy Giveaway

naughtyBaby, it’s cold outside, so what’s a girl to do to keep warm!? Well, as with anything else, you’ve got options, baby. You could always turn up the thermostat to keep warm or you could call up a human of your choice to spoon for that good ‘ol fashion body heat. Or you could make use of your ‘other’ boyfriend that bumps around in your sock drawer when he’s not needed, you know…..B.O.B. Who is B.O.B., you ask? The battery operated boyfriend that many, many folks deny spending quality time with.

We’ve already had this conversation here and so I know there are many of you (harlots) with an arsenal of feel good adult toys in your possession.You folks posted pictures and gave referrals of where to cop the latest and greatest in bedroom accessories.

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I blushed and backed out the conversation and left you all to it (I’ve got my eye on several of you *cough*)

Others among you may have a human sex toy at your disposal and may not want to make regular boyfriend intimidated by the intrusion of a battery operated boyfriend or a glow in the dark cock ring.

And it’s true, there are some men that are scared to death that you will enjoy your sex toys more than you do his efforts at pleasing you, but what these guys fail to understand is that sex toys can be shared (not like that, unless, you like that, but that’s not what I meant) and used to enhance both his pleasure and yours.

Toys can be even more valuable to the relationship if you do find that his efforts at pleasing you in bed have less than stellar results. I can help you have that conversation with him too, but not right now, honey.

If you find that your man is worried that you’ll trade in his space in your universe to instead run off into the sunset with a bag of AAA batteries then maybe you should ask him to read this article, written by my good friend and fellow blogger Jason Francis ‘The Social Media Samurai“, that explains the amount of couples that share the joys of sex toys.

If he’s still not convinced by this article then a trip to a therapist may be needed, for either you or him, because his unwillingness to negotiate sexual space is an indicator that more is going on than just his fear of torpedo shaped objects. A lover who is not interested in listening to your needs when it comes to your needs is stupid, and selfish, and did I mention, stupid?

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There are also those of you that may have been feeling a little apprehensive about owning your current personal pleasure devices. You wonder if you are the only one who maxed out their credit card by purchasing the Hoshitashi Luxe 4400 series jiggling finger tip extender.

You may fear that your roommate may wander into the bathroom without her contact lenses in and accidently pick up your bottle of Organic Love Lotion hidden under the bathroom sink and use it for hair gel.

There are a million things to fear when it comes to sex, privacy and the potential for those embarrassing moments but discretion is key so I’ve got a solution for you.

I’ve teamed up with The Social Media Samurai to offer one lucky reader the chance to add to (or start) their adult toy collection by winning a surprise gift from Adam & Eve.

There are no worries, since your gift will arrive in a discreet package, and since you didn’t really purchase it for yourself, you can alleviate the guilt, and also have an alibi that doesn’t include lies and scandal.

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Here’s how you get the mailman to drop you off a package from, er….Grandma, by doing the following:

Follow me @tracyreneejones on Twitter

Follow @Trueomeganexus on Twitter

Use the hashtag #NaughtorNice so we can see you.

Now I must warn you, once you get the box of fun times, you’re on your own from there.

Everything ain’t for everybody, ya’ know.

And what they say about growing hair on your palms isn’t true, so stop having cold feet and instead enjoy those hot and heavy moments alone, or with a friend. *wink*

Until next time,

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