Stuff I Like: Halo Top Ice Cream…OMG So Yummy and Yes, It’s GOOD for You.

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I bet you don't believe that headline, huh? I could hardly believe it either when I was strolling down the ice cream aisle looking for my sugar-free … [Read more...]

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way: BB&W Is NOT Just a Swirling Club.

Christelyn loves us. How do I know this? Because she does not just tell us what we want to hear. That is what people who sincerely care about us … [Read more...]

Beware of Weight-Loss Haters! J-Hud’s Fiancé Gripes that he Misses Her Being a Big’n.


So apparently Jennifer Hudson's guy, and baby daddy  (anyone notice they've been engaged for about 100 years?) says he thinks Jennifer needs to dial … [Read more...]

Yummy! Did You Know Maple Syrup is Paleo-Friendly?


As many of us struggle through cutting out processed sugar (white sugar) and simple carbohydrates. I know a few of you are doing the who "Paleo" … [Read more...]

BB&W Fitness Challenge Part Two: Eat for Your (Apple) Body Type!!


There are two basic body types--apple and pear. Apples, like me, accumulate fat in abdomen, back and arms. The pear accumulates fat in the thighs, … [Read more...]

BB&W Fitness Challenge Part One: Sign Up and You Could Win $100 Visa Gift Card!


 I asked our very own BB&W Crew-Chica, "ForeverHopeful" to help up create a fitness challenge that we start TODAY, May 1. There's a few challenges … [Read more...]

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The Results are In: My 12-Pound Weight Loss!


Stop it. I know what many of you are thinking. "But Chris! You're already trim! What do you need to … [Read more...]

Will Looking at Images of Fit Women Help Black Women to Become Healthy?

kelly rowland exercise

What is Fitspiration? Based on what I have read online, "fitspiration" or "fitspo" is the process of creating, collecting, watching, and reading … [Read more...]

Leah Sarago, Creator of “Ballet Body” Chats with BB&W About ‘Feminizing’ Your Workout


Yesterday I got the pleasure of speaking with Leah Sarago, fitness expert, dancer, and creative genius behind a DVD series that is literally … [Read more...]

A Breakthrough In My Health Routine That Brought Some Empathy…

This week something SPECTACULAR happened. For the first time since The Boy was born (almost eight years ago) I measured a 28-inch waist. This is huge, … [Read more...]

Mid-Week Inspiration: Kenya Moore Has a Booty Workout!


Since I don't watch ratchet reality shows, I have no idea whether or not Kenya Moore is the enemy or not, so please don't judge me. The extent of my … [Read more...]