Are You An Emotional Eater? Five Steps to Kick the Habit


  by Dr. Bradley Nelson Did you know that the number one cause of obesity is something called "emotional eating?" If you use food as a way to … [Read more...]

Me on Paleo: The Short Run Might Be Better Than the Long Run


Many of you know that I've been working out for years, and my personal favorites are yoga, pilates and the Barre Method and it's variations. It all … [Read more...]

Think Jazzercise is so 1980′s? Think Again.


Last weekend I braved the 120-degree heat because I was curious (and foolhardy) enough to want to check out the annual Jazzercise conference in La … [Read more...]

Stuff I Like: Halo Top Ice Cream…OMG So Yummy and Yes, It’s GOOD for You.

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 12.51.48 PM

I bet you don't believe that headline, huh? I could hardly believe it either when I was strolling down the ice cream aisle looking for my sugar-free … [Read more...]

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way: BB&W Is NOT Just a Swirling Club.

Christelyn loves us. How do I know this? Because she does not just tell us what we want to hear. That is what people who sincerely care about us … [Read more...]

Beware of Weight-Loss Haters! J-Hud’s Fiancé Gripes that he Misses Her Being a Big’n.


So apparently Jennifer Hudson's guy, and baby daddy  (anyone notice they've been engaged for about 100 years?) says he thinks Jennifer needs to dial … [Read more...]

Yummy! Did You Know Maple Syrup is Paleo-Friendly?


As many of us struggle through cutting out processed sugar (white sugar) and simple carbohydrates. I know a few of you are doing the who "Paleo" … [Read more...]

BB&W Fitness Challenge Part Two: Eat for Your (Apple) Body Type!!


There are two basic body types--apple and pear. Apples, like me, accumulate fat in abdomen, back and arms. The pear accumulates fat in the thighs, … [Read more...]

BB&W Fitness Challenge Part One: Sign Up and You Could Win $100 Visa Gift Card!


 I asked our very own BB&W Crew-Chica, "ForeverHopeful" to help up create a fitness challenge that we start TODAY, May 1. There's a few challenges … [Read more...]

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The Results are In: My 12-Pound Weight Loss!


Stop it. I know what many of you are thinking. "But Chris! You're already trim! What do you need to … [Read more...]