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Squat and Waist Training Update: Yes, They Work!

For those of you who are along for the ride with the squat challenge, here’s my update.

I’m averaging over 100 squats about every other day and that seems to be the sweet spot for me. I use 7-pound weights with my reps as well.

I’ve also gotten back to waist training again, and I have to say I love it for the back support more than anything. I think there also may be some benefit to the belt in terms of shaping the waist if you combine it with targeted ab work.

But I’ve skipped the corset and purchased the Miss Belt, which has three ways you can tighten or loosen the belt as needed–one in the front and one on each side.

Now, there’s a bit of false advertising with this. You can’t really wear this under your clothes like the commercial suggests, and you will *temporarily* have an hourglass figure, but only until you take it off. I really hate how advertisers keep promising people that there’s some quick and painless way to look like Kim Kardashian. There isn’t. You’ll still have to move away from the table and do that floor work, girl.

What is does do is support your posture and back, compresses the stomach and shapes it AFTER you’ve done an ab work out (you need to be doing at least 3 reps of 10).

It’s not magic. You’ll still have to exercise and eat right, but I’ve seen a marked difference in my midsection when I wear it for about 5-6 hours. What the heck? I’m home anyway.

Here’s what it looks like:


For those of you who hopped on this challenge, how goes it for you?

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