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July is My Birth Month! Countdown to 41!

Last week I took this picture to memorialize how I look at 40. If you would have told my 20 year-old-self that I’d feel better and look better an nearly 41, I would have lobbied to have you committed. Me in bathing suit I’m proud of a few things at this point in my life. I’m growing my own food that I’m eating at least 50% of the time, and the results are reflected in my additional weight loss (I’m 130; 5’3) as well as my loss of cravings for sweets and processed foods. Apparently all that doctor mumbo jumbo about eating whole, organic foods as a source of vitamins and minerals instead of vitamins in pill form work more efficiently. I’m also primarily a paleo eater, so I’ve eliminated wheat, processed sugar, and dairy most of the time. It’s amazing how great I feel when I’m not eating that stuff, and how bad I feel when I cheat on occasion. To learn more about paleo, I recommend this book as a place to start.

Yoga has allowed me to stay flexible while doing weight-bearing, cardio-intensive workouts, which have served to sculpt my physique. What’s even more amaze balls is that my stomach is finally, FINALLY flat without the love handles that have plagued me for decades. I’ve seen such tremendous results that I’m going to compile an e-book about my journey to health through eating what you grow, because I think it’s JUST THAT IMPORTANT for black women to take charge of their health. This time next year, be on the look out!

Forty one, here I come.

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