Village Voice Exposes R. Kelly and Our Willingness to Ignore The Sexual Assault of Black Females

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If you are one of those unfortunate types that still find wonderment in the music of R Kelly then you have my condolences. Above and beyond the issue … [Read more...]

So, Bill DeBlasio’s Marriage Makes Folks in the Tea Party “Gag?”

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I've been deluged with emails from people asking me my thought on a quote from a columnist from the Washington Post Today’s GOP is not racist, … [Read more...]

Are Black Women Safe Anywhere?


Renisha McBride was in a car accident at 2:30 am last Saturday. Having been in a horrible accident myself this year, I know how frantic one can become … [Read more...]

Even the King of New York is Swirling: Bill Deblasio Wins The Big Apple In a Landslide Election

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Fresh off the heels of our most  recent conversation regarding same race hate speech we have a new hero under our belt. Bill Deblasio took the New … [Read more...]

Did This Little Girl Lose Her Crown Because She Looks Black?


Beautiful little Jakiyah McKoy was probably over the moon when she won the Little Miss Hispanic Delaware title. In a cruel twist of fate, it was … [Read more...]

A Lesson In Bold Black Womanhood: No Explanations Owed

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I've talked in the past about being a bold black woman. One of the areas where black women often find themselves attacked is in their ability to stand … [Read more...]

You CRAY, Mayor Bloomberg! Showing off your beautiful interracial family is not racist.


Now that Bill de Blasio may actually be close to winning his campaign for Mayor of New York, some of his detractors are starting to let their claws … [Read more...]

A US President Wants to Bomb a Middle Eastern Country? Heard That One Before…

Barack Obama

Something told me that awarding Barack Obama with a Nobel Peace Prize barely 10 months into his first term as President was a bit … [Read more...]

On The Death Of Christopher Lane


Many high profile African-Americans lamented the image of young black men as criminals during the Trayvon Martin tragedy. To them, it isn't fair that … [Read more...]

“#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen” And That’s Not Going To Change In Feminism

I actually tried to pass the buck on this one. However, finding out my previous article had been syndicated during the aftermath of the … [Read more...]