10 Mentoring Activities That Urban Kids Can Use……….Suggestions From Someone Who Would Actually Know


I'm so stoked to see that roaring interest in actually inquiring into the needs of the po' innah city youfs. After all, one can't be expected to … [Read more...]

Race Relations Expert Says “Stop Questioning Zimmerman Verdict; Address Black-on-Black Crime”


It is the position of the editorial staff at Beyond Black & White that the killing of Trayvon Martin, an innocent, unarmed teenager, was tragic. … [Read more...]

Congressional Hopeful Erika Harold Is No “Street Walker”!

erika harold

For years I have proudly waved the GOP banner and defended party politics to an extent.   I am not one to make excuses for a proven racist Republican, … [Read more...]

It’s Official (??) The AMA Says Obesity is a Disease. So Go Cut Out Your Stomach and Take a Pill.

big belly

I know that there are some who will be thrilled to hear that the American Medical Association has declared obesity a disease. The American Medical … [Read more...]

Photo of the Day: The Babster Shows Her Support for Cheerios…

Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 11.53.21 AM

There's also a Tumblr page dedicated to supporting the Cheerios commercial, called "We are the 15 Percent." Go check it out, and share your photos, so … [Read more...]

Jenn M. Jackson Says, “Cheerios Commercial Philosophers, Have Several Seats”

cheerios ad little girl

Originally posted on Water Cooler Convos. Several folks have reached out to me wondering my opinion about the Cheerios ad heard 'round the world in … [Read more...]

Women are Winning in the Workplace…Kind of

Multi-racial business team sitting around an office boardroom

The Pew Research Center released a report last week under the headline “Breadwinner Moms.” The census-based report detailed findings that 4 in 10 … [Read more...]

Hot Out of the Oven, Another Off Topic Thread for you political animals

washington dc

  So as not to shut down the political discussion started in the Jack McCain marriage thread I am moving it over here.   As posted … [Read more...]

Why You Hate Giving Help to Poor People (Even Though You Might Have Once Been Poor)

Jeremy Clarkson, writer and presenter of Top Gear, a British television show

Why are Americans so seemingly generous on an individual level, but those same Americans who will tithe to their local church lambaste calls to pay … [Read more...]

Will Chirlane McCray Become the First Lady of New York City?

Chirlane McCray, Bill De Blasio, and their two children

In 1979 Chirlane Mccray wrote an article in Essence proclaiming herself a black feminist lesbian. In 2013 she's the wife of New York City mayoral … [Read more...]

Have A Seat, Bigots: No Self-Respecting Swirl-Minded Person Is Checking For You!


I was initially going to write a post in response to this hilarious hot mess of an article. But given the recent influx of misplaced members of the … [Read more...]