Trump: “Black People, What Do You Have to Lose?”

As usual, Donald Trump never fails to disappoint our expectations of what comes out of his mouth. Last week he wanted to round up all the Mexicans and bomb the f*ck out of ISIS and kill their women and children. This week, he’s making an appeal to the black folks.

And as usual, the politician puts in little effort. He’s pitch? “What the hell have you got to lose?”

Really? Really?! Is that all the effort politicians are willing to put in, sprinkled with some promises of cleaning up the streets, jobs, and some free sh*t and that’s all the work we’re worth?

But even that is more effort that the Democrats put in since most of us have a zombie, blank-brained loyalty to them because they did some stuff 50 years ago. Most of us have been happily consuming that Democrats are racist because they pat us on the head, say it’s not our fault we can’t succeed, and then throw a couple hundred and some government cheese at us.

But really, what did we expect? No matter who is elected, they’ll still be no magic potion legislation to magically solve all the ills in the inner city. Policy won’t stop the gang shootings, drop out rates, incarceration, and a host of other depressing stuff. The cure we need starts in the very DNA of us, and needs to be changed and shifted from the root. No president or lawmaker can ever magically make that appear.

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What say you?

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