This ‘Justice Warrior’ Against Black Appropriation Just Might Have Ruined Her Life

If you haven’t yet seen the video of the young black San Francisco State University student verbally and physically accosting a white male with dreadlocks, take a look at this nonsense.

One story suggests that she is a campus employee who might have been on the job when she did this–representing San Francisco State. An onlooker recorded as she verbally and physically harassed the young man, telling him to “not put his hands on her” a the while she was tugging and pulling on him like a rag doll when he tried to walk away.

This my friends, is an example of mindless “social justice” gone horribly, terribly wrong. What is more, this video is now viral, with her name and face all over the internet…forever. What do you think her future job projects will look like, when a potential employers sees her accosting people whom she doesn’t like…particularly white people? A quick Google search of her name, which has now become grist for the water cooler, will reveal this video and subsequent news stories that covered it.

What benefit to “the cause” does this action serve? What benefit is it to her, except to make her look the fool worldwide?


Black women, we need to really start being more strategic about how we fight our battles. We’re so busy running around finding fault in white men who publicly express their appreciation for us, running through three years of Twitter timelines to PROVE they’re all just fetishizing. We are fighting AGAINST our image when we do idiotic things like this!

How masculine does she look haranguing a male and throwing him around like a rag doll? How does that help our image? No one is on your side, and now Bonita Tindle, you have to hide. One poor choice, unfortunately, is going to follow you forever. Might be time for a name change.

As an aside, I was in college too, and if all the dumb shit I saw and did was recorded, I’d be mortified…but while I ain’t never did anything like this, I have to cut her a little slack for being young and in search for her identity and place in the world, and spending waaaay too much time on Black Twitter.

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