Jack McCain Is an Example of How Powerful Men Come to Defend Those They Love

As the Old Navy ad saga continues, we’re seeing families of all combinations in support of the company, who has savvily capitalized on the rising demographics of mixed families in the United States. Jack McCain, son of the much-respected and powerful GOP senator, John McCain, has also spoken out about his disgust about racists clutching their fake teeth and fake pearls over the “push for miscegenation” by Old Navy.

This, my friends, is how hypergamy works for women. You marry a powerful man from a powerful family, those people circle the wagons and protect their own. When was the last time someone spoke out on behalf of black women that made major news? Yeah; I can’t remember either.

To take it one step further, it seems as though some women are puzzled that Jack McCain would EVER pick a non-white woman, and suggest that he just couldn’t snag a white woman.


The audacity of this…(expletive) to suggest that a senator’s son from a powerful, wealthy, and respected political family couldn’t “get” a white woman is utterly laughable. Jack, is handsome, powerful, and well-connected. He could have had ANY of you white woman. But he picked a black one. Get over it.

In a country where just about everyone thinks insulting and degrading black women is the last safe group in America to diss and bully with no real consequences, it’s refreshing to see men stand up for them.

And this, my lovelies, is the ultimate type of man in which to pair with in an interracial union–the one who doesn’t give a shit what people think. He loves who he loves, and protects his woman publicly.

Go Jack!!

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