Philando Castille Didn’t Deserve to Die.

As I looked at the footage of the very composed and respectful girlfriend of slain motorist, Philando Castile lifestream the exchange between the cowardly, hair-triggered cop that destroyed her world, I can’t help but have massage compassion for this trio, who were just minding their own business. You see, Philando was coming home from getting his hair done for his birthday, and was driving with his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds and her daughter. A trigger happy cop pulled them over for an alleged busted tail light, and by all the looks of it, the driver complied. He was asked for his license and registration, and while reaching for it, he informed the cop that he had a weapon acquired legally, and he had a conceal and carry permit. The copy then gave him two conflicting commands–freeze and give your license and registration. Those non congruent commands led to the cop landing four bullets in Philando, who was not a felon, but a peaceful, law abiding citizen who fed school children. Philando was not a thug, and it appears he had done everything right, and STILL got killed.

This is not a case of “If he would have just…” I did all those things, and he still died. And after seeing the heart-winching video of Philando’s last moments alive, and the woman reporting what was happening in real time, you can’t help but feel profound sadness and anger.

Police brutality affects up all–this isn’t a black man problem, this is an EVERYBODY problem.

On an aside, Philando had a weapon LEGALLY and had a PERMIT. What is the NRA’s position on this? He followed the rules and got dead for it.

Now as a response to the understandable outrage and grief of two shootings, four police officers were shot dead today in Dallas. This country’s military forces better start paying attention to peoples’ issues, or I’m afraid more innocent blood will be spilled. The powers that be need to show the public that cops can’t just get off scott free for murdering the people they’ve been sworn to protect.

To all the pro-cops who read this blog, I’m wondering how you will frame or justify this to make the cop in the right. If all the facts are correct, how can this be okay for you?

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