Black Women's Empowerment

Protected Species Vs. Non Protected Species


God, I was rooting for Azealia Banks, really. She was so outspoken, and had a cute boyfriend. But I can not abide this latest debacle via Twitter this woman had with once-vice-presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin. She attacked Sarah Palin, a white woman, and part of a protected species via Twitter. Among other slanderous things, she suggested that Sarah have a bunch of black men run a train on her. But after she threatened to sue, all the #BlackTwitter folks left her twisting in the wind and she was forced to give a lengthy apology. She risked her livelihood for a pat on the head from #BlackTwitter and a Scooby Snack.


What Azealia fails to realize is that black women are a non-protected species, and no one is going to be running to our defense like they’ll be backing Sarah. Just like the idiot last week who accosted a white guy because he was “appropriating ‘her peoples’ hairstyle” we continue to do too much for too little. There is absolutely NO PAYOFF for sticking your neck out for a community who, by and large, does not elevate, celebrate, or protect their women.

One long-time fan who wished to keep her name anonymous said this:

Well, I’m not sure if you’ve heard what this deranged masculinized damaged black male identified and stupid rapping b*tch has said about Sarah Palin. Well, Sarah ( I’m no fan of Sarah Palin but what this hate filled deranged bitch wrote was certifiably racially motived hate speech meant to cause bodily injury and/or emotional stress ) is suing and there’s an EXCELLENT chance that she’ll win this law suit. Because society in general ( and especially white folks in society ) is FED UP with DBR black folks ( males and females ). BW with functioning brains can learn a lot from what Sara Palin is doing.

And young SINGLE BW ( especially those who are undiluted and unambiguous in appearance ) who intend on not being considered TOTAL pariahs/untouchables in the dating and quality marriage realm need to CUT ALL TIES ( financial and every other allegiance ) with damaged black women ( and obviously damaged BM as well ) in or outside of the “ entertainment “ industry. Because this image damaging sh*t psychologically STICKS with many non black folks unfortunately because MOST non black people don’t have much contact with your average BW. Yet they ARE getting these images of BW continually shooting themselves AND BW’s collective image ( again sadly, phenotypically black black women especially ) in the foot almost daily now on TV and social media.

So… as “ unfair “ as it may be, these young BW interested in quality marriages to men in the global community are going to have to LOOK ( in dress, make-up, etc… ) different then these BW mutants, AND they’re going to have to BEHAVE differently as well.

Otherwise, they’re NOT going to be given the chance because the media is now being saturated by these BW mutants. They will ALWAYS be looking for their “ Scooby Snack “ by damaged black males ( that’s ALL that those hate filled tweets were about. BW mutants are now the mouthpiece for damaged BM you know. And they’re STUPID as hell. Because a “ sorry just kidding “ ONLY works if you’re a WHITE woman. That sh*t does NOT and WILL NOT ever work for BW. And these stupid black female BM bootlicking idiots don’t even know this. THEY’RE DOOMED.

And ANY BW associated with them OR sticking up for them OR “ trying to explain “ on their behalf are DOOMED TOO.

NORMAL feminine BW are going to have to disassociate and FAST otherwise they’re going to be basically leapers.

That’s the truth of the matter.

The point is African-American women are the ONLY ones behaving in this manner. NO other women on the face of this earth are. Period. No other black women are doing this. So, this specifically hurts AFRICAN-AMERIICAN BW’s image. And we specifically don’t need ANY more bad press. We’re the ONLY ones with no natural allies. Unlike other women who have men of their group supporting a positive image of them.

It’s damaged inferior rage filled MEN who threaten rape against women. NOT women. Damaged African-American women are acting like NO other female SPECIES in the universe.

NORMAL heterosexual BW interested in marriage are going to have to cut ALL ties with these MUTANTS. Otherwise it’s going to be guilt by association. Plain and simple.

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