Check Out this ChoNilla Couple: The Nive Nulls

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Where you and your partner are from? Kansas City, MO Both of your age? I'm 24. She's 27. Same birthday, actually.  Fun fact :-) How you … [Read more...]

How Long Should You Hang On to Your Marriage?

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By Jane Brown Do you know how long marriage expert Mort Fertel says you should work on your marriage, once the thought of divorce enters your … [Read more...]

Model Lanisha Cole Fires Back On Haters of Her Non-Black Fiance

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If you've ever watched The Price is Right or Deal or No Deal, you've probably seen Lanisha Cole prancing around the set. With a gorgeous set of legs … [Read more...]

Circles of Support: What Do All These Women Have In Common?

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What do we all have in common? We all love yoga, of course. But that's not all. Each of us are interracially and inter culturally married. Starting … [Read more...]

Yolette and Dustin, Wedded Bliss

Yolette and Dustin 2

I met Yvette Joseph Burger via Swirling and Marriage.  Yolette submitted some of her gorgeous wedding photos and now I am sharing with you.  I got a … [Read more...]

Monica: “I Thank God For My Husband”

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Monica L. In light of a recent post, I wanted to share a refreshing story of Monica L.  This beautiful, scholarly sister would not let negative … [Read more...]

A Sister Reacts to Accusation of Race Betrayal

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I was given permission by L. B. Kelle to share a recent experience she had.  Now I know the loyal readers of BBW would have some choice words to say … [Read more...]

Swirling In History – Colonial, Antebellum, Reconstruction and Beyond

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It is no secret that black women have been marrying interracially for centuries although some folks may want us to think otherwise.  It is simple … [Read more...]

Christine and Daryl – Swirling and Marriage Down Under

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Another gem from Pinterest.  Attractive couple Christine and Daryl had a Fusion African-European wedding, but the couple lives in Perth, Australia.  I … [Read more...]

How About THIS Version of the Cheerios Super Bowl Commercial?

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Hey all, check out another version of the Cheerios Super Bowl commercial that's taking America by storm, featuring The Hubster, and my two youngest … [Read more...]