Goddess of the Week: Niki Chambers!

Nicky Chambers

Dodger fan. Cal Alum. Fashion junkie. Music Aficionado. Foo Fighters addict. Amateur Photog. Foodie in training. Drinker of wine. Hater of phonies. … [Read more...]

Goddess of the Week: Mickla Adams!


In my heart I am an adventure seeker. I love to visit new places and try new things, especially if it requires crossing time zones. I am generous and … [Read more...]

Goddess of the Week: My School Mate, Shawn Parker!


Look at this chick. A testament to how yoga is indeed, the fountain of youth. Shawn and I went to junior high and high school together, and … [Read more...]

Goddess of the Week: Tiffany Cantwell!

Tiffany Cantwell

Well, I finally built up the courage to put myself out there and it feels strange. I figured it could go on my list of 30 things to do before 30. … [Read more...]

Goddess of the Week: Va-Va-Voom!!


Hello! My name is Aisha and I'm a social work grad student AND the mother of an 8 yr old son. I love all things that have to do with social justice. … [Read more...]

Goddess of the Week: Tiffany, Cute as “Pye”


Well, what can I say? I'm from Worcester, MA, but currently live in Philly. I'm very big on spelling and grammar. A spelling freak, if you will. … [Read more...]

Goddess of the Week: Candace Freeman!


I am not great at talking about myself but I will give it a go. My name is Candace and my stats are 32 , 5'6 145 and live in Texas. I believe in … [Read more...]

Goddess of the Week: Tracy Renee Jones. Too Fly.

tracy renee cover

Well, now. The writer has been asked to write about herself. A daunting task if there ever was one. Some say I am dramatic, and that may be true, … [Read more...]

Goddess of the Week: Nicole Gibson!!


My name is Nicole Gibson & I will be 32 on July 23rd. I am single, have never been married, and have no children (though I adore children and look … [Read more...]

Goddess of the Week: Precious Jewel Barnett!


My name is Jewel Barnett. I was born in Pennsylvania. I moved a lot as a child due to my mother's job(mainly Michigan and Texas). I have a Bachelor of … [Read more...]