Goddess of the Week

Goddess of the Week: Candace Freeman!

I am not great at talking about myself but I will give it a go. My name is Candace and my stats are 32 , 5’6 145 and live in Texas. I believe in Christ but I am not a bible thumper. There is nothing special about my heritage to speak of if we go back far enough in history we all arrived here on a boat one way or another.

I was once in IT but it wasn’t for me I love people and being social so I am currently pounding the pavement in nursing school and hoping to have a fabulous career aiding people back to healt,h or if death is there fate, holding their hand as they end their journey. I am semi-fluent in American Sign Language, well if you ask my deaf friends is more ESL but I can communicate the language is the point (no I am not deaf and I can speak, probably to much đŸ˜€ )

I love to read, my music is such a wide range Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Joshua Radin, Nickel Back, Sick Puppies, Third Day Grace, and Ursher. I like to travel and I have been to Jamaica, the Bahamas, 30 of the 52 states, London, and Africa to name a few. I loved visiting Africa and I send all my clothes, furniture, and anything else I can spare along with school supplies to the country I did mission work in there and I can’t wait to graduate so I can go back.

For fun I like to float the river with my sister (yes thats her in the picture (what you can’t see the family resemblance) go hiking, watch sports at a sports bar and people watch in outdoor venues and working out.

What am I looking for?

I like brains bigger the brain the better looks are important but not at the top of list I prefer intelligence. What am I looking for– mmmmmm a bunch of cliches– My best friend, someone I feel at home with, etc…. I guess he should just be himself and I will be myself and if we match then great if not never can have enough friends đŸ™‚ Hope that covers it……. *shrugs*

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