Goddess of the Week

Goddess of the Week: Scientist/Business Woman, Masha Dowell

I am a urban southern bell, meaning I am from the South, but I don’t really love “southern mentality” that I have witnessed in many parts  of the South. I am new to Atlanta again, after living here as a girl, and right after college. I have also lived in Los Angeles, Washington, DC,

Raleigh, NC, and my hometown of Winston-Salem, NC.

I am 33 years old, and I have never been married. I don’t have any kids, but I have a 5 year old niece that I love VERY much! I took the years post college to find my mission in life, and I have finally found them.* I take lots of risks in life. I succeed a lot, and I fail a lot, and I am okay with it all. I’m always getting inspired by ANY and EVERYTHING! I see God in EVERYTHING, yet, I’m not that serious about organized religion. I’m a Global thinker. I always look at the BIG picture of all situations.*

*My background: *I am a professionally trained scientist. I have a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture Science. I worked in the sciences for around 9 years (research and then Quality Management), while I satisfied my interest in arts and entertainment in NC, CA, and DC. In 2010, I was let go from a NC biotech firm ( I worked in middle management), and I decided once and for all that I would pursue ONLY my three passions full time. So, now I am a business woman ( I own a global media start up company w/ 2 clients), I am a global advocate (mainly working with the United Nations Association of the USA), and last but surely not least, I am a professional filmmaker/actress (I started this in 2008, and 2011 has been my most successful year to date).

My passions are my career finally, thank God!  Therefore, I love international relations, global advocacy, all matters related to film/acting, and business. I love world cinema as well. I also

love learning about global cultures. I love to travel. I am a yogi, and I love all arts. I love life.

I am looking for a man that is living out his wildest dreams NOW (like me). I prefer a extrovert (like me) — maybe he should be a tad more open than me — because I want to follow his lead, and not lead in our relationship. I want an intellectual or a thinker (like me). A man that lives in Atlanta, but I am open to moving. I prefer a man from a different background culturally than I am. I am an African-American from the Southern USA, and I prefer a non American, that lives in America, or so —and he is simply living out his dreams. This is just my preference, I am

open to meeting men with similar backgrounds too — but that’s my first preference. I want to always learn from my potential mate in all ways and I want to share everything about my culture as well.

Physically, I am open. I see beautiful men of all nationalities, and there is no way I can put a “physical” type on him. Well at least I think so… I do have this thing for men from Greece/Italy with dark skin, well groomed, and a tad bit hairy! Hey, I’m just being honest. But really — I am open. I want a man that is well traveled (like me), and knows the importance of social standing, and service in his community. I volunteer a lot, and I prefer a man that does as well — it does not have to be as much as I do, but he gives his time to those that need it. A man with a generous heart, and a open mind. A man that believes that there is a higher power. A man that is heterosexual. A man that loves sex! I prefer a man over 35 years old. I have been researching triathlons (doing a indoor one earlier this year, and attending classes and etc…), so I expect to do one soon —hopefully this man will like things like that — running/activities and all.

Find and friend her here:

Via Website: www.mashadowell.com

Via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mashawnda

Via Twitter: @Culturatist

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