Goddess of the Week

Goddess of the Week: Andromeda, Goddess by Birth.

For the life of me, I CAN NOT understand why this stunning girl is single. If ya’ll don’t snatch her up, I just may file for divorce, get a sex change, and take her myself.

Hello BB&W! This is kind of nerve wrecking for me because I have a hard time talking about the thing I know most about: ME! *shrugs*…here goes I am originally from Jackson, MS. I moved to Atlanta 9 years ago for college and just stayed because I liked it so much. It really is an awesome city. I don’t plan on living here forever, but it is a great “in my twenties” place to live.

As far as life goes: I have a master’s degree in Public Health and currently work as a HIV/AIDS health educator for a major health system here in Atlanta. I love my job; if I could record my coworkers and I, it would make for hysterical reality TV! I also work as a sound engineer for a church and have been doing that for nearly six years. Two very different fields but they both fit well with my extrovert personality.

I absolutely love meeting new people. Though, I do have to admit that sometimes I get a little shy. Despite that, in my spare time I like to try new restaurants or just go to a random coffee shop or park and see whom I’ll meet. New people make life a little
more exciting; even if just for that moment.

I also enjoy reading, dancing, singing, running and watching movies (except gory movies…ick!). I like to make people laugh and consider it a personal goal to make people smile until their jaws hurt or laugh until it’s uncontrollable (tears and all)!

In a partner, I am looking for loyalty, honesty, smarts and humor. I’m a really easy-going person and prefer someone(age 27-40) who is not pretentious but who has an appreciation for nice things. Sensibility and sensitivity are key. I like men who know how to treat their fellow man. You can tell a lot about a person by their interactions with those they don’t know.

Later, Gator!

And like the Greek goddess with the same name, she has an aversion to sea creatures. Find and friend her on Facebook here.

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