Goddess of the Week

Goddess of the Week: Tracy Renee Jones. Too Fly.

Well, now. The writer has been asked to write about herself. A daunting task if there ever was one.

Some say I am dramatic, and that may be true, however I am an artist. If life is indeed a stage…then baby, I’m a star.

My name is Tracy Renee Jones, sometimes known as “TJ”. I am a writer, poet and performance artist. I also go by the name The Kinky Courtesan where I write smut for people of color that focuses on kink and fetishes. I chose to write about these topics because I study people’s behavior and not because I am a sexual superhero. I’ve come to find out that I have groupies; they don’t seem to notice the difference between Tracy and TRJ. Such a pity.

I used to be a curious girl and there wasn’t much to feed the need so I’m hoping my writing is found useful by other sexually enthusiastic young people.

In short. I write dirty stories, and perform them in dark, smokey bars. I also take racy photos and they bounce all over the internet.

I hope you aren’t possessive or insecure. However, if you are I”m sure you’d run in the opposite direction after reading that part. But if I’m staying with you then I’m there and if I wasn’t there was no way to keep me in the first place.

Did I mention that I am very upfront? I’m a Capricorn woman and have no patience for spinning my wheels. Loyalty means everything to me. I give people room to live. I’m not judgmental.

Shout out to Jersey. I swear everyone from NJ knows the state theme song, “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi, you do know it don’t you?

I’m a certified geek. I rock out with politics, advocacy and law. I may go to law school. I may become a masseuse. Did I mention that anything is possible in my world. You’d be amazed if you knew what I knew. I’m an early adapter, technology is the illest. I’m not super serious, I’m silly, but I do have a collection of Dean’s list certificates. It sounds intellectually elitist to say but if I can’t have a robust conversation with you then we have no future.

I have ink and piercings, considering more, and the more you have the better. Did I mention I draw?

Have a back bone. I hope you do. If I said to you, “I’m a Kings Queen”, what does that mean to you? Submission is not a scary thought to me. It’s not given away all willy nilly, though.

Some people perceive me to be all over the place but if you’ll only look a little deeper you may notice that there is a Wizard behind the curtain.

She’s wearing stilettos and manicured toes.

Are you still with me?

Okay, strap yourself in…here goes.

I’m a free spirited hippie, often barefoot and sniffing flowers. I sometimes wake up early to go running and to listen to the birds sing as I watch the sunrise simply because I don’t want to miss it in case this is my last. I am quiet chatterbox. I watch and observe people, until I’m more comfortable, and then I’m sure I talk too much. Kissing me is a great way to make me stop talking.

I love rainy days and quality time spent in intimate settings. I’m not materialistic or fancy, preferring instead to shop in thrift stores way before it became trendy to do so. I don’t know the name or make of expensive cars, nor trendy restaurants. I haven’t been to that new club and no, I don’t pop bottles…much. Did I mention that I love to dance, if I’m in the mood, it could be at the club or in the house. I just need to dance. I don’t pop bottles because my Native American blood thinks it’s time to go on the war path after three drinks.

I drink in private where it’s perfectly safe for me to jump up and down on the bed like a trampoline.

Do you like ice cream and getting lost in the city?

You do have a camera, don’t you? We’re taking pictures.

I’m a pretend photographer looking for a exploration buddy. Could that be you?

I blush easily.

I laugh loudly and often.

I love music of nearly any kind. Would you run now if I said I love Hip Hop? Well, lace ya sneakers up then, because I was raised on the microphone check one, two, one, two.

Bach, Beethoven, Motley Crew, Prince, Duke Ellington and Kanye.

Frida Kahlo, MC Escher, Ernie Barnes…

Alvin Ailey, Beat It, Stomp.

Pumpkin picking.
Horseback riding.
Driving in that direction until we run out of gas.
I hope the music isn’t up too loud for you.

I don’t watch much television, we can’t use that as chatter conversation, my bad.

A sense of humor and some patients please.

I live for movies but please don’t offer me no chic flick. If things aren’t blowing up with high powered weaponry I’m not happy. I can’t play video games but I want to learn. I’m a competitive and will probably be a sore loser. I’m just being honest, here.

Do you like to eat? Because I love to cook. I spoil the person I’m with but there’s only a certain type of person that understands that they should spoil back. Relationships are about exchange and enrichment. I hate boxes and restrictions, so I need you to be open minded.

There’s a difference between debating and arguing. I hope you know the difference because I do.

My bark is so much bigger than my bite with my tongue nestled firmly in my cheek; some people miss it though.

I think it may surprise people to know how traditional I actually am. Open my door for me because I’ll be waiting for you to do so. I’ll hook my arm in yours while we walk down the street. I enjoy a man who knows how to be a man; I very much love being a woman. There is an art to being a compliment to a man, or so I believe. I’m affectionate and attentive. I look forward to having someone to be a counterpart to though this isn’t something easily obtained by the suitors.

Your color doesn’t much matter; your energy and vibe do.

Take me away. Plan a date. Make decisions. Kidnap me for a weekend. I love to travel and maybe we’ll run away together. Show me that you’ve been learning me because I’ve been learning you.

Should I apologize now for being a Daddy’s girl? Yes, I had an attentive father. I know what a man is and how he’s supposed to treat a woman. I accept nothing less so don’t bother.

I’m in the process of finishing up my book of poetry due out in Oct, followed by an erotica book and then my memoir. I’m a busy girl who lives on her BB but I would love nothing more than to make new friends who live what they do and can understand a creative, passionate woman. I’m hoping to live bi-coastal by next year. I have a huge family and might be splitting time between Detroit and California.

Are you free to travel?

I am also a business owner. I provide consultation and support services for artists and small businesses. I’ve been a hustler all my life, having a career was fun but I have no faith in the plantation anymore, and so I’ve been working diligently with several artists behind the scenes. You can see more of that here.

Not all men are created equal. I judge a man based on his character and not his age. The younger men outnumber the regular guys any given Sunday.

The girls are also crowding around the yard.
People are amazing and life is a journey.
I welcome new companions along my sojourn.
Negativity as a way of life is death.
I make no apologies for me, nor should you.
Love me or hate me..but you will remember me.


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