Goddess of the Week

Goddess of the Week: Tiffany Cantwell!

Well, I finally built up the courage to put myself out there and it feels strange. I figured it could go on my list of 30 things to do before 30. Check Mark on Box 1!

I’m a 29 year old transplant to Southern California. I’ve lived here 11 years now and I still haven’t seen everything. I’m originally from Wisconsin (Go Packers? Badgers? Bucks? Brewers?) and still very much a in touch with my middle American roots. I’ve never been married. I would say I’m a quirky, outside of the box kind of individual. I came to California with dreams of becoming a Production Accountant for a major studio, and that dream lead to more schooling and 3 different majors including but not limited to Film(Screenwriting), Culinary School, Food & Beverage Management, and back to Accounting. I’m currently pursuing a higher degree in accounting, and at my age I have finally decided to get serious and work as a Tax Accountant while I prepare to take my CPA exam.

I won’t bore you with the details of my numbers filled life. But, I’m glad I did not get that full sleeve tattoo that I wanted so badly at 23 when I believed I was going to be a bohemian type accountant. I won’t bore you with my numbers filled life.

In my spare time I blog (shout out to NWNW), I write screenplays, teleplays, and I read a lot. I recently bought a Nook and now my purse is a lot lighter. I’m getting out and becoming more active on the social scene; beach adventures, hiking, indoor rock climbing, and just taking in all that California has to offer.

Now on to the juicy stuff (Maybe not that juicy)

What kind of men do I like? Physically….my attraction for men ranges from John Cho to Jason Statham to Both Ryan’s, Idris Elba, Enrique Iglesias, Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg. See? All over the place. Besides that, the things that are the key ingredients for long lasting fun and a good partnership are:

Respect(Not only for me, but himself, his family, and humans in general)



Good Foundation

Secure in who he is and what he believes in

I believe that anything that is rushed into is doomed to hit more bumps than necessary or crash and burn. You can learn so much about a person when the foundation of friendship is laid first.

That’s enough about me

(and yes, I do realize I take a lot of pictures in my car at the same angle. Lol)

Find and friend Tiffany here, and find her blog here.





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