Leona’s Love Quest, Part I: Making Love a Priority


  Welcome to my quest for love! In last week’s introduction I explained how three books, Love in 90 Days by Diana Kirschner, PhD.,If I’m … [Read more...]

Forget Emulating Asian Women! Asian Men Don’t Let the Numbers Keep Them From Wedding Asian Brides.

asian guy

There's plenty of meat on the bones to pick at in the recently released report from the Pew Research Center titled "The Rise of Intermarriage." One … [Read more...]

Time to Dump Crippling Racial Loyalty: Twenty-Four Percent of Black Men Intermarry; Black Women Do at a Piddly Nine Percent..

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What is it going to take to shake some people awake? Thanks to Karla for finding this recent Pew Study, "The Rise of Intermarriage," The new data show … [Read more...]