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O Canada!! Dani’s Six-Month Online Dating Experiment

The racial climate in a lot of places in the US seems to negatively impact the market for black women seeking to date interracially. White Canadian … [Read more...]


Leona’s Love Quest Part XIII- What I Learned at Summer Camp: 40 Is Not the New Anything

  LeAnn Diler Comedy on Turning 40 Greetings from Baltimore everyone! I am so glad to be home! Colorado was quite an adventure. Overall I … [Read more...]

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Come Hither: A Lesson in Being a Man Magnet

Did I hear someone say they wanted to read about way in which to attract men? I'm sure I did, and since I'm privy to a life that many of you lovely … [Read more...]

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Clueless? Five Non-Verbal Ways To Know He’s Into You

If you don't know what to look for, some men can be hard to read. If they're not overtly mack-daddy-ish, they are often subdued and their interest is … [Read more...]

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VintageNarcissa: That Awkward Moment When Your Hispanic Boyfriend Gets Called a Cracker

(Check out the blog, here) When I’m out and about with my boyfriend there is one very striking thing about us that seems to make people want to … [Read more...]


Watch Those Potholes While on Your Way to Greener Pastures

The ladies of the sites have written in detail about the general NWNW/BBW theme's insistence that White doesn't necessarily equal RIGHT when it comes … [Read more...]


Question of the Week: “Do You Have Any Advice for Age-Differences Swirlers?”

Dear Chris, I have been lurking on yoru site and I have been reading it a few times each wee. I love it and I love the face that it is a safe haven … [Read more...]


Kari Cobham Dishes on What’s it Like for West Indians Swirling in America

Kari Cobham is a Trinidad-born, Florida-based writer, editor and social media strategist. A former award-winning journalist at The Daytona Beach … [Read more...]

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True Story: “My Parents and Brother Ran Off My Boyfriend”

This story came from my friend, Lorraine Spencer's new site, "When Family Does You Wrong." My name is Selena G. About 20 years ago, I had a white … [Read more...]


VintageNarcissa: Potential Rainbeaus Now Closer Than Ever

The other day, I showered and dressed all pretty, and did my hair, preparing to visit my dear boyfriend. I wore shorts and a nice stop, and my … [Read more...]


Leona’s Love Quest Part XII- SWM seeks Outdoorsy, Dog-loving, World Traveling Sports Fan.

It cracks me up every time I read an argument against dating outside my race because I may have to answer some questions about my hair. Hell, I still … [Read more...]

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Five Quirky Reasons for the Rise of Interracial Marriage

This piece will appear in the Huffington Post soon, but I thought I'd share it with the crew first... Five Unexpected Contributors to the Rise of … [Read more...]


Question of the Week: “When Should Religion Be a Deal Breaker?”

Dear Christelyn Karazin, I am a current college graduate and I have been looking into interracial dating and came across your website and love it. … [Read more...]