We’re Living in a Brave New Media World: Elle Varner, “I Don’t Care” Video Tells OUR Truth.

*Torso popping to the beat*

First off, this song is HAWT–the beat, rip, and Elle Varner’s voice is AH-MAZ-ING. Anyone else think this cut sounds like something you’d hear in the 90’s before R&B went off the rails??

My first thought when I heard this video was wow…this woman is boldly telling our truth. She put it out there. *Some,* well, *Many* black men are *Very* angry about seeing *their women* swirling. Folks say we’re exaggerating, that black men don’t care one way or another. And to some extent, they are right. Black men who truly love and care for the welfare and emotional health of black women do not care where and with what race black women find love, only that THEY ARE LOVED. These are the black men I love and respect, and at this point of my career, I think it is time to definitively make that distinction to those who erroneously believe I’m some rabid black man hater.  I’m not talking about those black men. Hate requires way too much energy, and I can honestly say I only hate one person, Carrie G., the worst manager on the face of the Earth and I hope you get a bad case of eye-herpes, Carrie!!!

I’m talking about all the Pookey’s and Ray Ray’s and ego-maniacal fathers who would rather their daughters be somebody’s baby mamma (yes; these people do exist) before they would stand to see her happy and in love with a white boy.

“I Don’t Care” also sends a message to the rainbeaus that love us–you’d better grow some gonads, because some black men won’t be so agreeable about you loving a black woman–especially if she lives in the hood. This may or may not be helpful for our cause, however hahahaha

The third thing I loved about this video was the fact that Elle Varner, a light skinned black woman swirling with her rainbeau, but also shows a two dark-skinned (one with a TWA) women  being loved, pursued and persistent for by a non-black man, which delivers a powerful message to the GAT-DL who INSIST that white men are ONLY interested in black women that looking like white women. What would be the point of that, when they could just as easily BE WITH A WHITE WOMAN? I guess that logic fails some. Much respect for that Elle, MUCH respect. *It also must be noted that two of the three women are often deemed “ugly and unworthy” in the black community by rules of colorism run a muck. Plus, one out of three of the men were just “average” like most normal folks*

Oh! Almost forgot–notice the variety of ethnicities of the men? Elle looks like she’s with a Middle Eastern/Indian man, TWA is with a white boy, and Pony Tail Girl (guy?)is with a Latino. Interracial love is, indeed beyond black & white. 😉

What’s your take on the video? Have you listened to it 17 times already like I have?

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