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Rainbeau Spots a Girl Who’s Never Swirled, Too Shy To Speak Up But…

Remember Josh, the shy guy I mentioned on my Atlanta recap post yesterday would spotted a gorgeous girl who came to our event who never dated interracially? Well, she must have made quite an impression. Must have been her gorgeous dark chocolate skin and bodacious afro that did it. Josh told me he’s kicking himself for being too damn shy to speak to this girl, which brought to mind our endless debates about the dating and mating patterns of men of other races, often influenced by culture and personality. While there were a couple peacocks who clearly had no problem stepping to the ladies, MOST of the other men (and I was really impressed with how many there were) were friendly, but mostly seemed a bit shy and reserved. I can’t say I’m surprised at this, because the cosmopolitan idea of interracial mingling in the South is a new one, and most people are just gathering their druthers.

I personally like shy guys–still waters often run deep. And judging by the lines of Josh’s poem, he sounds just like that type of guy.

You Don’t Know

By Josh Scott

You don’t know it, but you’ve been on my mind

The words I should have spoken, I just now find

Making me wish I could go back and undo time

And not be left with only this little rhyme

You caught my eye as soon as you first walked in

As my nervousness threw me down for the pin

Such beauty that I’ve rarely ever seen

On looks alone you’d be the hands down Queen

But I could tell that you were so much more

By the way that you carried yourself through the door

Like Big Boi I love the way that you move

As you walked to the beat of your own unique groove

Your confidence could be seen clear as day

Also later when you had something to say

I was excited when you first stood up

As my nervousness took another long deep cut

I would get to see where your head was at

As I lowered the camera to watch you chat

Your beauty wasn’t only skin deep, that’s for sure

As you asked your questions wanting to learn more

Then you admitted something that shook me to my core

As you were new to this and had never dated out before

Corny lines of how I could be your first instantly popped into my head

But I thought twice and figured I shouldn’t use any of them instead

Because they might come off as bad

And kill any change that I had

Plus it might sound of only game

And convince you I’m just the same

As what you’re trying to avoid

That’s probably always annoyed

You into opening up to something new

And letting us show you a whole new view

By this time I was instantly hooked

But grew more and more nervous every time I looked

What would I say in my dirty work clothes

Hell, do I smell or have a booger in my nose

Crazy thoughts of how it could all go wrong

Was when I knew my confidence was all long gone

I looked for an excuse, any one would do

And found one that was actually completely true

I said my goodbye’s to my two new friends

While my head and my heart tried to make amends

As I stepped outside I was full of regret

But repeated my excuse as not to fret

Later that night I was mad at myself

Letting this fear control me is not good for my health

I’ll never be happy, things will never ever change

If I don’t kick this fear’s ass that’s limiting my range

But all I can do is hope for another chance and sigh

Because the only time you fail in life is when you truly don’t even try


*UPDATE: We’ve discovered the name of the girl he had his eye on, and she’s been passed this poem. I’ll keep you all apprised if something develops. This is so frickin’ romantic!


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