Ready to Join the Convent? Nine Tips to Make Dating Easier.

Before you throw in the towel and give up dating altogether, take inventory of what’s not working. Take a look at SwirlQueen’s tips…


  • Your Safety Must ALWAYS COME FIRST!!! Be careful when revealing information that could compromise your safety. We don’t recommend giving phone numbers or addresses until you are comfortable. This takes longer with some women than others, but we suggest you take time to get to know a person whether online or not before revealing too much personal information.
  • When getting to know a potential match, Vet Vet Vet. You must consider every aspect of a man when getting to know him. Find out as much information as you can in the US and overseas; and pay close attention to the bio information. We want you to have positive experiences with your potential matches. Nothing is more of a time waster than
    starting correspondence with a man with whom you are NOT compatible.
  • Create a Show-Stopping profile/bio. Be creative when describing yourself and don’t be afraid to discuss your body type, hair and facial features. You can make a potential suitor interested when you ARE interesting. Remember, competition can be tough and you must make your bio stand out. If you need assistance creating a great profile, I recommend our profile polishing service.
  • Be Open-minded: Though many of your potential husbands are gorgeous, it is unlikely that you will end up with a Brad Pitt or other Hollywood hunk type. We encourage you to correspond to inquiries. Once you receive a photo (if this is important) you still need to be open-minded. His picture may not be all that you imagined, but to pass on this basis alone may also mean that you could be passing an opportunity to meet your future husbands.
  • Learn a Foreign Language: If you are planning to eventually move overseas, it is highly recommended that you learn the language of the country where you will be visiting or living. You will have more independence if you can communicate in society at large. Besides, it is courteous to your host country.
  • Save Copies of Your Email correspondence: It is important to save copies of email letters that you send to the men, especially if you are writing to several at one time. Some men won’t chose to use the reply function and this will ensure that you keep your memory fresh of whom you are writing and who is writing you.
  • Include PHOTOS: Update your pictures often.
  • Stay Positive: A good attitude is always helpful when trying to find a quality husband and can make all the difference in the world. Men are drawn to women who have wonderful attitudes so keep this in mind.
  • Increase your potential dating pool, therefore increase your chances of finding a quality husband.We have every expectation that your loving quality husband will find you online or in person. However, as in life — there are no guarantees. It is imperative that you make yourself available to every legitimate means feasible means of find your mate. We suggest the following:
    1. Word of mouth:
      Tell family and friends that you are looking for a quality husband. Many have met their mates in this manner.
    2. Sign up with several dating sites. Online dating no longer has the negative
      stigma it used to have. Many people meet
      online and have wonderful, loving and long lasting marriages.
    3. Sign on with a Matchmaker: This may involve a considerable monetary
      investment, but what is an investment when you are talking about a possible
      lifetime of happiness? You may find your
      soul mate in this manner.
    4. Always be on the lookout for opportunities and
      be ready to act. Many have met their
      mates by simply bumping into each other in the grocery store or library or by
      simply asking directions.

 Terms to remember…


Vet – examine carefully, “ Someone should vet this
report before it goes out.”

Inspect — look over
carefully “Please inspect your father’s will carefully.”

Fine tooth comb – inspect with painstaking fashion as we are
talking about a possible mate.

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