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EarthJeff: Swirling on Planet Earth Part 2 “The First Date”

I am really surprised but happy to see the interest that my journey here seems to be receiving.  While I am not sure how often I will put out another chapter here, the interest in my story does have me motivated to keep sharing it.
So after meeting Bee online, we started out with a series of messages: Slow, cautious, feeling-each-other-out kinds of messages.  Just friendly “Hello, how is your day going” and “hope you have a nice evening” type of thing.  We progressed to some text messages, and then phone conversations.  These conversations were very pleasant, and we seemed to connect somewhat.  After all, we both have kids and we talked about some of the challenges of parenting and learning more about each other’s family.

Interestingly we did talk about experiences in interracial relationships (neither of us had any).  In a way, I was surprised at how easily we seemed to connect with each other.  Not only was this a new foray into the world of interracial relationships for me but Bee and I come from different worlds.  Yes, I teach in the city, but I live out in the metropolitan suburbs.  I grew up in a very middle class strictly white suburb.  Now I really do not mean to offend anyone or to imply any stereotypes that all black women live in the ‘hood or anything like that.  But Bee really does live in the ‘hood; a pretty rough area of Northwest Detroit.  The great thing is we not only accept those differences but enjoy discussing and joking about them.  I love the new “education” I am getting.
We finally agreed to meet face to face at a Panera Bread restaurant.  I was very nervous yet extremely excited.  Although the place was busy and had a very mixed clientele, I knew Bee the minute she walked in the door.  She had on this pretty beige dress with a beautiful soft green and beige oblong scarf draped around her neck.  Her hair is worn natural, a very nice look.  I don’t know what color her lip gloss was but I have to say, it was Poppin’.  Silver hoop earrings seemed to just light her ears up.    She had sent me a picture so I knew what she looked like.  One interesting note…. the recent post concerning size and how it may affect the ability to attract others… Bee is a bit plump but carries it well.  Her interesting thing about that, that we laugh about, is how her booty is very disproportionally small for her body.  Cute, tiny little booty…. Anyway, I digress.

I have no idea if she remembers what I was wearing and I will be sure to ask her, but it was khakis and a burgundy polo shirt.  I had a very small fake diamond stud in my one pierced ear and my favorite black leather jacket.  Somehow I have a feeling she will remember.  After a mutually nervous initial greeting, we started talking and engaged in great conversation. Even though Bee had said she is very shy, I had her talking as much as I had her laughing.  Her small dark eyes seemed to just open up and let me see inside.  Time seemed to fly by as we just both enjoyed each other’s company.  Then it was time to leave.  Walking out, I made sure to hold the door for her and then as we stepped off the curb I grabbed her hand.  It sounds so cliché to say there was instant electricity as our hands clasped but there was.  Nothing has ever felt so natural.  It was amazing.  I walked her to her car and she got in.  My heart was pounding.  She gave me an inviting smile as I moved in for one last hug.  I remember the conscious decision that I wanted to give her a kiss.  Should I ask?  Should I just do it?  Before she could react I quickly leaned in and my lips met hers.  In addition to the peck, I included just a bit of a tongue swipe so I kind of licked her lips as I gave her the quick smooch.  It was amazing!

And then . . . And THEN . . . I bailed as fast as my legs could carry me as her face was frozen in a surprised “What the hell?!” look.  All I could think was how nice it was but how I needed to get out of range of a potential smack.  We still laugh about that moment . . . . Maybe this dating stuff is not so hard after all . . .  .

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