Reader Letter: Black Woman Married to a Black Man Sees the Site for What It Is

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I love it when people finally "get" it. The letter... I pop in on your site from time to time and my feelings about what you are trying to do have … [Read more...]

SavageTango tells all: Getting his attention

Business People Conversing on Train

SavageTango Let me say right off I've been down this road on numerous occasions. I'm no stranger to the issues you've raised and understand … [Read more...]

Are Women Wrong When They Shut Down Men Who Comment on Her Sexiness?

Blank white speech bubbles

A recent conversation from the comments over at Consumption and Control: The Foundation of Men’s Sexuality? deserves it's own … [Read more...]

Dear “Nuttin’ Butta Brotha Women”: An Open Letter


  Dear "Nothing But A Brother" and "I Don't Date White Guys" black women, How do you feel? Is your holiday season all you'd hope it would … [Read more...]

Troll Crushing 101: Comment Gems from the BB&W Crew


Some of the best content on this site can be found in our comment section.  Oh we love our readers!!!!!! In this installment of Gems from the … [Read more...]

What Happens When Family Refuses Kumbya: One Reader Recounts Decades of Shabby Treatment Over His Interracial Marriage


Some of the best content on this site is found among the comments that we receive from readers like you. Many of you have great stories to tell and a … [Read more...]

“After I Met Your Mother”: Rainbeaus, Tell Us Your Courtship Stories in the Comments.


You have lurked long enough now. Any rainbeaus with dating, courting, marrying, or family creation stories, time to spill it. We know you got 'em. The … [Read more...]

What Black Men Say When Black Women Aren’t Around

black man shrugging

What do men talk about when women aren't around? Is the conversation different based on the races, ages and culture of the men? Did you ever wish … [Read more...]

Sapphire On a Side Note: Patriarchy, Purity and the Obviously Intimidated Phallus

Glamour Girls - Topless Model

Thanks to this side conversation started by the lovely and talented Toni M where she asked What comes first? The Mammie or her sister/evil split … [Read more...]

Claiming vs. Exclusion Part 2: Discrimination in IRR/BW-centric circles?


I swear when I wrote this post, I thought that it was all I had to say on the matter. And then "diamondgirl" left this comment and son of a gun, there … [Read more...]