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“Ericatheoddity” Speaks:”Christelyn’s message will parch the very safety net that the black female apologists have cast “

I’ve been having my eye on this young woman for a while now, and her commentary is epic. She is so smart, and totally gets it. Yesterday she made a comment so amazing that I had to re-post:


The fact that these miscreants are blaming Christelyn’s messages for causing division in the black “community” speaks volumes about how truly in denial they are about what the actual causes of black collective dysfunction is. The antagonism on their part is confirmation of their anti-blackness, and exposes the falsehoods they speak about how white racism and white supremacy are the ultimate deterrent of black collective prosperity. You would think that black men would be attacking and showing this much disdain for those whom they regard as their “oppressors”, but they do not. Their time is most spent bullying and abusing black women.

The more we keep buying into this lie that black men are victims, the worse this is going to get for black women/girls. Any message that paints this degenerate collective as secondary is a threat to them. A clear cut guide on how to separate ourselves from these barbarians who despise us is in their eyes but a sermon on how to sever the chains of servitude that they are so desperate to hold on to. This type of message that Christelyn delivers throws a monkey wrench in their plan to manufacture the mules, mammies, and minions that they deploy on a daily basis to do their dirty work. This type of message pulls the veil off of the raw and harrowing dysfunction that the black “community” works tirelessly to cloak with white supremacy blaming rhetoric and quilting society into excusing their foul behavior by highlighting slavery as culprits for why they hate “their women” and each other so much. This type of message forces NBABM-BM to reexamine their loyalty to a group of men who unabashedly loathe them, and believe that they are entitled to royal treatment and idolization because past transgressions committed by “the man”. 

They are not worried about the well-being of the black family; but rather they are more concerned that Christelyn’s message will parch the very safety net that the black female apologists have cast out for them. If the black family and its success and/or failure were of great importance as they claim it is, then they would be lending their time to protect defenseless black children, mentoring their brothers and uplifting black women. The continual coddling of them by black women and the refuse to put the perpetrators of anarchy on front street are what annihilated the “black community”, yet they identify the epicenter of the disorder to be a message from a practical good quality black woman to other black women to practice self-preservation as the red eyed beast with sharp claws that ripped apart the fabric of “black unity”. It’s ridiculous to say the least. 

The “self-hate was instilled in use by the white man” sermon doesn’t move me in the slightest. Recondition to spite those who seek to lead you to oblivion or shut the hell up! If this DBR scrum be wise enough to identify the who/what/when/where/whys of the programming, then I think it’s safe to say that they also possess the ability to relinquish the destructive and dehumanizing credo of blackness as inferior. 

Black male insanity and hypocrisy rears its ugly head every time they accuse black women of betraying them and their “people” by seeking out and investing in mutually loving relationships with white men (non-black men). The black women is put on trial, ridiculed, and mocked for her desire to seek security and adoration from the white men who are not shy and unapologetic about their love and appreciation for quality black women. However, when black men seek out these types of unions with white women (non-black women) they make doubly sure to sabotage any and all chances for the black woman to acquire functional unions with non-black male counterparts by using social media and other tools as catalysts to prop black women up as an unsavory monolith. Because it has never been nor will it ever be the wish of the black man for the black woman to conquer happiness. They are hell-bent on preventing black women from reaching the mountain top of excellence and contentment simply because they lack the savvy and vigor to do so themselves. I suppose it gets rather lonely sitting in a dark pit of defeat and they are obviously desperate for company. 

It’s strange how they accuse black women of being traitorous for seeking such unions with white men, but yet they are the ones who have launched a crusade to victimize “their own” and evangelize their contempt for their own mothers/aunts/sisters. It’s crazy how they are so obsessed with magnifying the parts of their manifestos that go in-depth about how brazenly unsightly they believe black women to be (especially ones of a darker hue), or how all together undesirable they believe us to be as human beings. But yet somehow we still find room to shame and blame non-racist progressive white males for past sins. We need to let it go and get to tackling present issues they malign black women/girls. These types of black men who relentless dish out this level of bullying are a huge part of our problem. 

Christelyn, I know that it is rough on these “internet streets”. You will always be neck deep in DBR male/female opposers and haters because you are an insurgent against black collective dysfunction. You will always be marked as “the enemy” of black collective betterment simply because “the black male comes first”, or  the “spare black male feelings” arguments are not the core of your message. Add to the fact that you are encouraging other black women to wake up and do the same, quite frankly makes them unhinged. Just know that you have an abundance of support and that we are greatly appreciative of all of the tiresome work that you put in to uplift and advise black women/girls without judgement or bias. Also, thank you for not being as reprehensible as these black male/female vermin who seek to silence you, and make your existence miserable. It’s a quality about you that I greatly admire, because honestly, I don’t think that I could do it. 

And with that…

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